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Saturday 25 May 12:45 - 14:15 - YogaSpace

David Kam

Together We Flow

Join David in an open-ended enquiry, exploring the many creative possibilities of mindful journeying between and beyond asanas. In this workshop, you will honour your inner athletic artist, presently flowing from a place of authenticity towards ultimately creating a collective flow as a community. Together we celebrate one another.

ABOUT David Kam

A creative wanderer at heart, David has spent extensive hours studying movement and art rooted in his strong belief that we are all athletic artists. Through sharing multimodal concepts developed from his own practice, David's classes offer opportunities for creative exploration and freedom of expression to liberate students off definitive, prescribed solutions. David encourages students to cultivate intelligent practices as intuitive individuals who can ultimately lead their own path of inquiry. Currently based in London, you can catch David spreading smiles wherever he goes, across studios and stages both at home and abroad. Find him @davidkamkw or www.davidkamkiawei.com.