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Friday 25 May 13:00 - 14:30 - YogaSpace

Diahann Love Holder

Women's Self-Love Cacao Ceremony

A special Cacao Ceremony designed specifically for the Womankind. Join Diahann Love Holder for this deeply heart opening and healing ceremony that will connect us to the essence of the divine feminine self. Through movement, invocation, song and dance we'll explore full embodiment of the magic of self-love, courage and joy, all facilitated by pure ceremonial grace Cacao.

ABOUT Diahann Love Holder

Diahann is co-founder of Urban Avatars and a Feminine Empowerment facilitator. Her offerings draw upon initiations across diverse traditions including the Egyptian Feminine Mysteries, Indian Yoga, Theta HealingTM, Western Psychology and Shamanism. She is a Priestess of the Temple of the Isis, Moon Mother¸� and a passionate Hypnobirthing Educator. Diahann holds transformational ceremonies in London as a Ritual Cacao Hostess and sound healer. Her mission is to create spaces that are healing, inspiring, unifying and uplifting for the sisterhood.