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Friday 24 May 13:00 - 14:30 - YogaSpace

Maya Dattani

Your Mat, Your Journey

In this workshop, Maya will teach you transformational techniques from the Kundalini yoga tradition. This class is about closing your eyes, trusting yourself and connecting to the real you. Experiencing being at one with the universe. Bountiful, beautiful blissful you are.

ABOUT Maya Dattani

As a previous sufferer of anxiety and depression, Maya knows that sometimes things can get overwhelming. This was Maya 10 years ago when she was going through a divorce. This is when she found Kundalini yoga and it changed her life, forever. It gave her peace and tranquillity in her crazy world. She now connects with the world sharing these teachings and the benefits yooga can bring to your life. Maya's mission is to live a life I love and help others to do the same.