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Saturday 26 May 13:00 - 14:30 - YogaSpace

Natasha Kerry

Flow, Create & Meditate: Shape Yourself and Your Future with Intention

In this workshop we will dive into the power of setting an intention and use this technique in a juicy Vinyasa Flow sequence followed by Natasha's blissful Yoga Sleep Method. Yoga Nidra is the art of sleep with awareness and the intentions we set in Yoga Nidra bypass the conscious mind and cement in the unconscious mind.

ABOUT Natasha Kerry

Natasha is a well-respected teacher in London whose genuine presence can transform a space and the bodies within it. Natasha's teachings are an intelligent exploration of Yoga and how it relates to daily life. As one of London's go-to Yoga teachers, Natasha has an online video series called Power & Fluidity and is a featured expert on online Yoga app Grokker Inc. Natasha is hosting Yoga retreats in Portugal and Mallorca in 2018. Natasha teaches her own 'Yoga Sleep Method' which is the art of sleep with awareness and aims to train the mind and aid deep relaxation and better sleep, recently recommended and featured on BBC Radio 4.