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Saturday 25 May 16:45 - 18:15 - YogaSpace

Pip & Eugene

The Foundations of AcroYoga Skills

Eugene and Pip are sought after AcroYoga teachers, well known for helping people fall in love with the practice and discover what they are capable of. In this workshop you will be introduced to the foundations of AcroYoga Skills covered in Level 1 AcroYogaDance Syllabus. "Mesmerising" - London Evening Standard

ABOUT Pip & Eugene

Eugene Butcher & Pip Elysium, co-founders of AcroYogaDance, have spent 5 years exploring and evolving the creative, potential of AcroYoga as an art form. "Mesmerising" - London Evening Standard Students begin learning poses and transitions which are used to create flows evolving with practice into beautiful sequences, much like a dance. Artistic and technical freedom is gained through disciplined, structured practice through the AcroYogaDance Syllabus. Eugene is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Martial Artist and a Master NLP Practitioner. Pip is a Yoga & Dance Teacher. Both being obsessed with human potential and effective learning methods, many students achieve their dreams.