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Monday 27 May 10:45 - 12:15 - YogaSpace

Ryan Kai Calderon

Primal Flow: Yoga Flow, Elemental Martial Arts and Primal Mobility

Our Yoga foundation will lead us, as we intertwine Martial arts into the flow, stretching and invigorating the body and breath through static and transitional postures. In the Primal Mobility Therapy session, we swim with dolphins, spin with monkeys, leap with leopards and walk with giraffes. Then we slow down and enter a deserved sumptuous Savasana.

ABOUT Ryan Kai Calderon

Ryan Calderon-Miah - (Shaolin Temple Name - Shi Heng Kai) began practicing Martial Arts aged 7, he has studied various forms throughout the years, further pursuing study of the mind and body both locally (London) and internationally. Ryan has trained with many world leaders and has been invited to represent organisations such as Budokon University, UFC and Nike, at the Director and Master Trainer Level.

With 25-years of experience and 14 years teaching experience, Ryan is an international teacher and personal trainer of Yoga, Martial Arts, and Movement Arts,  His clients include A-list Celebrities, Professional Athletes and Royalty. A truly unique passion for his work is felt during Ryan's classes.