Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom & Power by Mel Collins

Imagine a world where feminine power, intuition and innate wisdom were highly valued once again, and where sensitivity, compassion, empathy and love were the foundations of a paradigm shift.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful!  

All these qualities are part of feminine energy and feminine energy is within everyone, just as masculine energy is. Yet feminine power and wisdom is still denied, suppressed, ridiculed or abused in modern society. Our ‘too-muchness’ or intensity, levels of sensitivity, depth of feeling or intuitive knowing are not honoured or embraced. As a result, women particularly have stopped trusting their senses, lost their voices, become disempowered, and are afraid of truly being in their essence. On a deeper level, they feel like they’ve lost part of themselves along the way. And many are fearful to share their gifts or healing abilities.  

We can trace this wounding back in history. Women have been deeply alienated from themselves and from the core of their feminine being ever since the patriarchy suppressed Sacred Feminine energies thousands of years ago. In ancient times, we worshipped the feminine aspect of God (The Divine Feminine or Great Mother as she was known). SHE is innately embedded in our psyche, but over the centuries SHE has been exiled, hidden or locked away, as a result of persecution and patriarchal domination. In ancient civilisations, SHE was symbolized by the Goddesses in different religions and cultures. These archetypal figures and their respective sacred feminine energies are still in the collective consciousness. We just need to remember and awaken these sacred feminine forces within ourselves, as these transformative powers can heal our own lives and bring balance back on a spiritual and collective level.  

Women particularly (but men too!) are experiencing an intuitive feeling that there is something important that they are here to do, despite not knowing what that is. And they have an increasing sense of urgency inside, almost like a sort of unexplained anxiety. Maybe you are feeling that too? They see the chaos around them and want to make a difference, to turn things around and make changes that impact the world in a positive way.  

But how do we do start to do this?  

We need to reclaim feminine energy first and foremost. And heal any wounding that has led to this disempowerment. Then we can bring the masculine and feminine energies back into balance within ourselves first, which in turn will shift the collective. 

Are you also being called?  

If you are experiencing this intuitive feeling, you are at a deeper level being prepared to do the most important ‘spiritual work’ of your life. You are being ‘called’ to rebirth the Sacred Feminine back into the world. You are being asked to listen to the whispers of your heart and let love, compassion, empathy and sensitivity lead the way.  

Sacred feminine energy IS rising again. We are seeing a resurgence in Goddess spirituality once again, especially with the interest in Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis and Quan Yin. All three represent empowerment, healing, compassion and love– which is exactly the energies needed in the world right now. 

Are you ready to unlock and free the Goddess energies within yourself? Are you ready to answer HER call? 

Join Mel in her ‘Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom and Power’ workshop on Saturday 23rd May 15.30-17.00 and enjoy a guided meditation to connect to the Goddess within.

Mel is the author of ‘The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People’, and a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, spiritual healer, intuitive and past life regression therapist.  She is also an ex-prison governor. During the workshop she will briefly share how, on some intuitive level, she chose to work in a male-dominated prison environment as a woman with abilities in this life. And how it took time for her to be able to stand in her own feminine power (which was nothing to do with her position of authority), to hold the light in such a dark place and to bring this innate wisdom through without fear of judgement, punishment, ridicule or without being silenced.