THE ANCIENT ART OF SPELL-CRAFT by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters


For thousands of years, wise women and men have weaved their beliefs in the supernatural with the power of spell-casting, through the use of herbs, crystals, and other tools of nature. Our ancient ancestors naturally understood how and when to work with natural forces when casting spells, with focus, dedication and reverent gratitude to the gods, elements and spirit world.  

The history of magic and spells between cultures, beliefs systems and religion is varied and different, depending on location and the tools available.  Traditionally, in most cultures, the magic of spell casting was orally handed down from mother to daughter. Spells that were written down were always hidden or coded, and only verbal knowledge was passed on to the next generation.  

Across the ancient world, magical manifestation work was reverently honoured as spells were cast by invoking the assistance of the Deities, to empower the energy of the spells themselves.  

Through the ages, the safe practice of spell-crafting changed dramatically. This was largely due to religion, and of Medieval superstition. The use of magic and spell-casting had to be hidden as fear, doubt, ridicule and death over-shadowed the once favoured healing craft of spell work.  

As the accusations of yesteryear are healed, magical resonance surges throughout our very modern world, invoking all those with natural magic, and curiosity, in their hearts and souls to awaken to the Old Ways.  

By magically working with the mystical forces and cycles of nature, in conjunction with ancient wisdom, knowing and honour, we have the power to create and manifest a positive life of love, happiness and prosperity for ourselves, and the world around us. 



A spell is a powerful and sacred ritual of action that combines the ingredients of the use of magical tools, symbols, elements and recipes with positive thoughts or words of intent, to create a powerful effect.  

Once your focus is honed fully it is possible to use the power of creating and manifesting by thought and visualisation alone. Magical spells are powered by personal positive energy, desire, belief, faith, emotion, and awareness to change and cast the desired effect. With unwavering focus and intent,  spell-work harnesses and manipulates energy and the magical forces needed to bring about anything from healing and prosperity to walking towards one's destiny. 

Before casting a spell you must decide on what the purpose of the spell is and be extremely clear about what it is you want.  As you make a statement of intent, you are instructing the universe that you wish to effect change for yourself, and for the good of all. Or use your imagination, your visualisation abilities to picture clearly in your mind all that you wish to magically manifest. Ensure that you leave any problems, doubts, insecurities or negativity at your front door before you start. Magic needs personal and powerful energy in order to work. So stand confidently in your power as you invoke the Divine spark, to ignite the magic of your spells.  

  REMEMBER - the Three-fold law! That whatever you give out comes back to you three times, three times, three. This ancient rule of the Old Ways is based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Our magical intention must always be done 'with harm to none'.  



Moon cycles, the months, days of the week, and the seasons all have a profound effect when casting spells. So choose your magical time purposefully, depending on which type of spell you wish to cast.  



Working with, and adhering to, the specific magical timings, moon phases, directions and elements for your chosen spell, will enhance your magical work as you work with the universal energies at their most potent. However, if you desperately need to cast a spell and can't wait for a certain moon phase, weekday etc  you can still work your magic  as long as you gather all your ingredients and tools, caste your circle and wholly focus your intention on what it is you need to achieve. It may not be as powerful right away, but will work nonetheless, depending on your intentions and energy.  

Once you have an understanding of each moon phase, weekdays and directions, you will intuitively know when to do your spell. Everyone one of us is different with unique Moon signs in our astrological make-up due to the day, month and location of where we are born.  

When you live in-tune with the moon cycles your deep connection will naturally guide you as you feel and sense what is required, and when, to work your spells. The moon is considered to be one of the most powerful forces when working with spells and magic. It affects the tides, weather, animal behaviour, plants and even our own moods and feelings. We too are ruled by the phases of the moon, particularly women who reflect the cycles during their 'moon time'.   It’s important to create your own  unique way of spell-casting to find out what works best for you. 

Focus on what you want and remember don’t leave anything out. You need to be focused with positive words and actions. You already have the emotions within you to fuel the spell you wish to work with. Prepare yourself on the day before working with your spell. You may want to mediate first, and ground and centre yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet into the ground. Once you are focused on your intent for your spell and have gathered your ingredients and tools, you should draw the rest of the energy from external sources such as the elements, deities of the weekday, direction and the moon. The energy should be built up slowly as you work on raising a cone of power for the spell. At this point direct and release it as you keep focused on your intent for the spell to work.  



It’s important to create a place that is safe and private, and away from prying eyes. Make sure you will not be interrupted. A small room or even a shed is a perfect place to create a magical circle. If you have a  garden you might want to create a space to cast your spells under the moon, whilst imbued by the elements.  

To purify your magical space use sage or mugwort, or a herb or incense of your choice. If you cannot burn anything in your space you can procure sprays that have magical space clearing properties. 



To do this you can either visualise a circle around you, or sprinkle salt in a circle, or place a ring of candles around you physically or symbolically. A magic circle gives you protection and also contains the energy is conjured and created within the circle itself. This magnifies and intensifies your ritual. Make sure all your tools and ingredients, including your Spell-Casting oracle cards, are within the circle before you start plus any item to represent the elements, seasons and directions you are working with. 


EARTH - pot plant, rock, crystal, sage, bowl of earth, salt, brown candle 

AIR - feather, bell, incense, yellow candle. 

FIRE - candles, a wand, Red candle 

WATER - sea shell, bowl of water, mirror, blue candle  



Stand in your magical circle and face the direction of north with arms outstretched, and say; 

Spirits and ancestors of the North, element of Earth;  I call upon you to help me create this spell. 

Repeat this in all four directions using the different elements, i.e.; East/Air - South/Fire - West/Water 

If you wish you can also honour above, below and within.  



Once you have completed the spell, close the circle you have been working in by; stepping out of the circle or visualising a doorway to step out of. Then seal your spell. 

Choose one of the four elements to suit the seal, depending on your magical ingredients. 

EARTH - gather your ingredients and place them in a cloth bag or tin and then bury in the earth. This way they are contained, together, grounded and protected.  

FIRE - burn your ingredients (if permitable) 

AIR - let the winds take any natural ingredients 

WATER - submerge into flowing, or a deep body of, water 


Another way is to again take all the ingredients place in a bag or container and then use a wax seal on the tin, box or cloth bag. You can then place on your altar for the spell to be infused with the energy of your focused intent until your spell is fully manifested, and give thanks. 




To open your heart chakra, hold a piece of Rose Quartz, light a pink candle on a Friday at dusk when the moon is full. Face the direction of south and say  



Flowers of pink, crystals of rose 

Bring me new romance, so I will not close 

my beautiful heart, for I'm longing to share, 

compassion and kindness, to be gentle and fair  

Desires recognised, I wish to ignite, 

my passionate dreams so that I might, 

attract beauty and love into my world. 

May deep the love mystery now be unfurled  

To bring about romance, kisses and laughter 

And be of my heart, happily ever after 

Attraction shines brightly, it fills up my heart 

Love now surrounds me, ne'er to depart.  


Blow out the candle and direct the smoke of extinguished flame over your heart centre and say; 

 Gratefully I accept the magic of you, 

of protection to assist in all that I do 

Lend me the courage, build power in me 

Assist my transcendence, So Mote It Be  


Blessed Be 

Barbara & Flavia