How the Angelic Realms can assist and heal your life

Angels, unicorns and dragons all belong to the Angelic Realms. You have a Guardian Angel as well as your own personal unicorn and companion dragon. Today you will make a close connection with them and learn about the many ways in which they can help and heal you. We will do exercises and visualisations with them to transform all your relationships, bring you more love and increase your prosperity and abundance levels.

You will attune to the great healing Archangel Raphael and his wonderful emerald angels and dragons, then practise physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing with them.

The wise, ancient, open hearted dragons will clear your path in life to make life easier and accelerate your spiritual journey.

Diana will also take you on a powerful visualisation with the unicorns to receive deep, transformational soul healing and blessings.

Be prepared to light up your life.