Blake D Bauer

Freedom From Suffering & The Keys To Practical Self Love

Blake D Bauer

Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for a life-changing conversation about practical self-healing, self-love and truly transforming your life. Discover why suffering such as anxiety, depression, addiction, illness, and relationship problems are logical cries from your body, soul, and subconscious mind asking you to finally value, forgive, care for, and be true to yourself in the present.

We will discuss exactly how to heal from life’s heartbreaks, overcome our core fears, transform negative thinking, and reshape our life and health. Many well intentioned people will tell you to ‘go love and accept yourself’ or ‘you need to value yourself’ but often we are left confused as to how to do this practically and effectively each day. This evening will offer the clarity you need to move forward and break through wherever you are stuck.

Now more than ever we need to understand exactly how to care for our mental and emotional health in very grounded and practical ways. This event will outline how to identify and heal your habits of self-harm and self-betrayal. It will help you understand how to stop hurting yourself, how to trust yourself, how to feel worthy, and how to finally enjoy your life without regret and without feeling guilty for wanting to be happy, well, and loved.

About Blake

Blake D. Bauer is the author of the international bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer. His work has been translated into 11 languages and has helped thousands of people around the world who could not find lasting solutions from conventional medicine, psychiatry, or religion. Blake has an extensive background in psychology, alternative medicine, nutrition, traditional healing, mindfulness meditation, and qi gong. Based on both his personal experience overcoming deep suffering, addiction, and adversity, as well as his professional work with over 100,000 people worldwide, his teachings integrate what he’s found to be the most effective approaches to optimal mental, emotional and physical health.