Kirsty Gallagher

Aquarius Full Moon Magic

You are invited to join Sunday Times Bestselling author and Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher for an evening of moon magic and Lunar Living.

This powerful Harvest (Hunters) full moon experience will realign you with your true purpose, and offer you the opportunity to break free from restricting patterns and habits that no longer serve you, reconnecting you to a deeper trust and belief in yourself and your life's purpose.

Join Kirsty and use this pre full moon workshop to shine a big, bright, dazzling moonbeam in to your life so you can clearly see where and how you may be keeping yourself stuck and small and not going after what you truly desire. This moon will offer you the possibility to make a clean break and step into your brightest future.

During this intimate evening gathering Kirsty will share her insights and processes offering you all you need to know about this Harvest (Hunters) moon and how to harness and activate its magic into your life.

Kirsty will offer you access to your true potential and the possibility of a real alignment and shift in your life.

Trust in the process and in yourself...Real Change is possible.

You ready?

Running Order

  • Greetings and Welcome
  • Presentation on Aquarius moon energies, instructions on alignment
  • Movement Alignment practice to draw down and activate the energies of the moon
  • Meditation and Breathing session to allow and receive wisdom
  • Takeaways and how to move forwards into alignment
  • Close