Andreas Foerster

How to attract the perfect partner

Finding the perfect partner can be one of the biggest challenges in human life. In this workshop, you’ll learn why you might have been looking for the wrong person, how to let go of old beliefs about relationships and how you can use the power of polarities to naturally attract the perfect soul partner.

About Andreas Foerster

Andreas is an adventurer, meditator, entrepreuner and holistic coach living in Berlin, Germany. He has empowered thousands of people with his coaching and trainings over the last 15 years. With his clear focus, fun yet challenging style of teaching he is a sought after coach for companies, entrepreneurs and leaders. Over the years Andreas has specialised in helping people to remove unconscious barriers, to pursue their dreams in a holistic way and to become naturally confident in persuasion. For the first time, Andreas is opening his long held secret workshop "how to attract the perfect partner“ to the public.