Art Giser

Whole Being Permission: The Secret to Authentic and Joyful Manifestation, Success, and Happiness

You have been told to visualize what you want, but often it doesn’t work. You may feel like you failed. It’s not your fault! Your spirit, soul, conscious mind, unconscious, and body were not aligned. Align these essential aspects of yourself using simple and powerful Energetic NLP processes and create Whole Being Permission. Expect to laugh and transform your life.

About Art Giser

Art Giser, the Creator of Energetic NLP, is a gifted psychic, healer, NLP Trainer, leadership specialist to corporations, and a former medical researcher. He combines NLP with spiritual principles, transformative energy work, and “higher” consciousnesses. He works with multiple levels of a person’s being and facilitates profound healing on physical, emotional, unconscious, conscious, mental, spiritual, energetic and multi-dimensional levels. He has received two empowerments directly from the Dalai Lama of Tibet and has studied with a diverse group of wonderful psychics, healers, and spiritual teachers