Emma Bonnici

Kanga Yoga - aligning and harmonising the physical & spiritual body

Immerse yourself in this workshop with the founder of Kanga Yoga, Emma Bonnici. Dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga, explore the art of asanas and different body types, learn key asana adjustments, pranayama and meditation techniques. This workshop is suitable for all body types and levels as we learn to adapt the asana to the practitioner. After the session, receive a mini e-manual and music from exceptional musicians who Emma has worked with.

About Emma Bonnici

Emma teaches with enthusiasm, care and attention to detail. She brings knowledge gained from her own personal practice and provides strong encouragement and support in her classes. Emma’s Yoga practice has always been inspired by her Indian teachers of Yoga & Ayurveda. Since 2006, she has been travelling between India, Africa and the UK. During her travels and studies of Ayurveda she really grasped the essence of teaching according to one’s body type and dosha, and also the healing power of music. Emma believes our energy changes according to the place we live; the seasons and our lifestyle. She focuses on the energy of the students in her classes and incorporates elements of the different yoga practices with music into each class. While teaching Yoga in Madhya Pradesh, Emma also wrote a weekly yoga column for The Hindustan Times national newspaper. Upon her return to the UK in 2009 to run Kanga Events, her classes started being referred to as ‘Kanga Yoga’ by studios in London. Emma is dedicated and passionate about improving people’s lives through the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda. To develop and maintain her own practice, Emma regularly returns to India to practice with her teachers.