Jyoti Jo Manuel

Calm Home, Calm Child, Calm You

An experiential workshop offering embodied accessible practises to compassionately manage the myriad of crises that occur daily for all of us. Breathwork, movement, relaxation and compassionate mind practises that are specifically useful for the home.

About Jyoti Jo Manuel

Having practised yoga since 1974, Jyoti Jo Manuel is a pioneer of therapeutic yoga for children. Her non-profit organisation, Special Yoga has been running heart-led training programmes in therapeutic yoga for children in mainstream as well as for special and additional needs since 2002. Having worked with thousands of children around the world, she is passionate that the magnificence of every special young person is truly seen before their disability or behaviour, and is respected and honoured for their unique qualities. She deeply believes in the healing power of compassion and kindness for others and self.