Kwali Kumara and Sarah Jane Jones

Manifesting Abundance

Cultivate Good fortune and welcome prosperity with the transformative technology of kundalini yoga and sacred sound healing. Learn powerful yogic techniques, mantras and meditations that will invite new opportunities and exciting possibilities into your life. Improve your financial flow and feel gratitude for your current blessings. Integrate with a triple Galactic Gong and sonic healing ceremony.

About Kwali Kumara

Kwali Kumara is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring Serpent Healer, Kundalini yoga and Gong meditation teacher. Her passion and commitment creates a high-vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur. Kwali teaches from the heart with a compassionate and nurturing nature blended with experience and dedication. She is dynamic and encouraging. Her confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the teachings is infectious and motivating. She is an accomplished Mantra Artist and multiple Gong player with over a decade of experience in Sacred Sound. Kwali is also a resident presenter, host and Curator of the Ceremony Space for the MBS festivals.