Ryan Kai

Budokon Yoga Warrior

Bu-do-kon (Way of the Spiritual Warrior) - Yoga/Martial Arts/BDK Mobility. Explore the combination of these arts in fluid form through signature transitions and a long-loved classical BDK flow, invigorating body and brain cells! Taking time to focus on moving the whole body, touch on the exploration of BDK mobility and animal locomotion world. Fun, challenging, healing and awakening.

About Ryan Kai

Ryan is the founder of AlphaOm and former Director of Budokon UK.. He began his training in martial arts and yoga at age 7, later pursuing various yogic and martial forms to further study, both locally and internationally. He has trained with many world leaders and represents and contributes to organisations and media such as Nike, Lululemon, The Evening Standard and Teach Yoga, at Director & Master Trainer Level. With 15 years of teaching experience, he has grown a broad range of clientele, ranging from Royalty to Youth offenders. He works closely with established UK surgeons to provide pre/post-op training in order to prevent surgery or help aid recovery.