Teresa Dellbridge

Nature - Enjoyment and Enchantment

We shall be looking at simple yet powerful ways of connecting with Nature and experiencing enchantment. We will focus on the Wheel of the Year, with emphasis on the festivals of Beltane (April 30th) and Midsummer (June 22nd). How can you be more attuned to Nature, feel healed, inspired and empowered? The answers lie all around you, in earth and sky.

About Teresa Dellbridge

I'm a Wiccan High Priestess, counsellor, Reiki healer, author and member of a Druid grove. Nature is a constant inspiration and a source of healing for us all and I want to empower others to benefit from this, and to find true enchantment. This earth is sacred, and if we remember this the future is bright. In my talks and workshops I like to convey simple ideas about connecting with Nature, working with the Wheel of the Year, learning with the four elements of earth, fire air and water and becoming receptive to the blessings of trees, animals, flowers, earth sea and sky. The magic is in you!