13th Archetype Super Human

Activating Advanced Human Abilities and Consciousness

Within you is the ability to ignite tremendous potential and groundbreaking human abilities but you must first remove programming that is holding you back.

Join Mas Sajady for this exclusive all day event in collaboration with the Mind Body Spirit Festivals UK. This two part day will consist of a multitude of Medihealings® and practical Exponential Intelligence® (EI) applications to assist your journey toward becoming fully human and then awakening and activating your Super Human essence or Your 99%.

The Super Human Archetype that is the father of all archetypes that represents your Spirit's source code complex. At spirit level we are all built and created the same, yet we run different programs and patterns.

We have latent abilities, gifts and more to bring forth in these physical bodies. Once activated, you can lead a limitless life unbound by human density.

Mas Sajady talks about becoming Super Human…the 99%, but before we can do that, we must first master the 1% that we are expressing here in our day to day existence.

Do you feel that you have mastered all of your 1%? Mas says that very few have, but if you are doing EI work and applying the EI principles in your life, you are much closer than the rest of the population on the planet.

How do you get to the 99% if the 1% is elusive?

Join Mas Sajady as he:

  • May help you remove your source code distortions and patterns that make your life the way it is
  • Shares practical applications of EI to implement into your daily life
  • Helps you to activate your dormant Super Human DNA
  • Assists you to unlock, unblock and unleash your Super Human abilities, gifts and talents

Part 1: 11am -1:00pm
Decoding your 1%
Who you think you are is only 1% of the bigger picture.

Part 2: 2:30-5:30pm
Revealing your 99%
Awaken and Activate your 13th Archetype

You don't have to continue life bogged down by the density of humanity's distortions. Step into the brilliance that you were meant to exhibit and access a way of being far beyond your imagination.

Activate your Super Human Archetype!