Bhavini Vyas

Opening Meditation

Transform your relationship with meditation in this exclusive morning session!

Setting yourself up for a weekend of wellbeing, growth and transformation, Bhavini will open our Wellbeing Festival with a Morning Meditation session designed to open your mind and make meditation easy.

Open to complete beginners and advanced meditators alike, this session will ground you firmly in the present moment, enabling you to raise your energy, eliminate stress, and connect you to your purpose at the core of your being.

About Bhavini Vyas

With 3 decades of practical experience, Bhavini Vyas has long been an ambassador of the spiritual side of life. An experienced and advanced meditation teacher who is able to effortlessly connect with people from different environments and experience levels, Bhavini began formally teaching Meditation and Breathwork internationally in 2010 under global humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shanker.

Recognised internationally for her voice, presenting, and directing events, Bhavini also has a vast portfolio of working with individuals and high performing teams around the world. She now curates the Mind Body Spirit UK Festivals.