Colour Flow Activewear

Colour Flow Activewear

Colour Flow Activewear- Activewear, Yoga wear, Athleisure, Loungewear, Leggings, Tops, Catsuits


Ethically & sustainable made in Brazil using a breathable and a very soft fabric.

We manufacture our garments in a small production in limited numbers, inspired by colours, nature and spirit.

We at Colour Flow are very proud to use a unique NON SEE-THROUGH material guaranteeing no transparency and amazing, vibrant, long lasting colours on all our leggings, Catsuits and tops.

This breathable, firm yet very stretchy material provides GREAT SUPPORT AND COMFORT during exercise while stays kind to your skin.

Soft, comfortable, versatile and durable

Yoga wear, Activewear, Athleisure, Loungewear

A UK based company

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