Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Lemurian Starchild Oracle

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck

By Leanne Ta Iki Anawa (Carpenter) and Michiel Kroon


This beautiful deck of inspired Oracle Cards, steeped in Lemurian starry wisdom, ancient remembrance and transcendental insight, aims to assist those who resonate with the Global Mass Awakening phenomenon. 

The Lemurian memories and energies, which have been coming to the forefront in the last few years, offer a powerful heart-opening Template to guide the conscious creators of the New Earth. These clear energies support us as we both 'ground' our inner Starchild and equally, as we rise upward to open multidimensional gates for our communion with our Higher Levels, and Ascended and Angelic beings.


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  • Oracle Deck of 88 gilded cards and 340 page book.
  • Oracle and New Art as Hand-finished, Signed, Mounted Prints
  • Monthly Healing Circle
  • E-book version of the oracle deck
  • Audio Meditations
  • Readings and Energy Healing
  • Clothing and Accessories we have designed


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