Francesca Oddie

Astrology Essentials

Learn how to explore your own personal birth chart and understand how astrologers interpret your stars.

Join Francesca for an exploration into your personal birth chart. Your natal chart is your true “horoscope” and shows the position of all the planets in the sky at the moment of your birth. Astrologers interpret the chart as a tool for understanding yourself and your life. Use the workbook to access your key planets and be ready to get obsessed!

About Francesca Oddie

Francesca Oddie is an Astrologer on a mission to bring the life-changing insights of "real" astrology to as many people as possible. Her workshops are fast-paced, engaging and delivered with humour. Her readings involve lots of listening, useful questions and incisive feedback. Francesca read Natural Sciences at Durham University before moving to Rome to work as a Tour Guide in the Vatican Museums. In 2014 she committed to professional astrological studies. Francesca has worked with Soho House, Bumble, Oliver Bonas and Now TV amongst others. The journey continues with her blog, podcast and instagram forecasts.