Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax

The Six Week Mindfulness Course

  • Online event
  • 8 Feb > 15 March / 19:00 - 20:00
  • £99 - £150

Join Ruby Wax in this refreshing and real-life course on coping with the chaos of the world right now, as she provides her unique take on mindfulness for the frazzled!

Ruby invites you to join her once a week over six incredible weeks to share her teachings on mindfulness:

"With mindfulness, unlike anything else you do in your life, there is no getting it right. Drop the idea of pleasing Teacher or Mummy or the Boss: they can’t harm you – the tests are over now and this time, you can't fail. Even when you're doing it wrong, it's always right because you’re not trying to make anything better or to empty your mind of thoughts, it's just about noticing what’s going on in your mind.

This six-week mindfulness course is aimed at people who want to be able to fall asleep at night and have the ability to focus on the task at hand when they’re awake.

These exercises don't have to be done in an isolated place, in a darkened room with a single piece of gluten-free incense, or on a meditation cushion. I encourage you to incorporate these exercises into your real life, because that's where you’ll be using them.

And one last point: You don't have to live in a continual state of mindfulness; it would take ten years to leave your house, let alone put on your socks. These are just exercises and you practise them for a limited period of time. Eventually, with your new muscles, mindfulness spills into your life and you’ll become the conductor of the orchestra, not just some piddly triangle-player stuffed at the back. I’ll go into this later in the course, but you can also practise anywhere and at any time."

Sessions will run for one hour per week over Zoom. Recordings will be available through the six weeks to watch back.


WEEK ONE: Monday 8 February 19.00

Noticing and Waking Up
This first week, I’ll be weaning you off autopilot by making you aware of how much time you spend on it. I will bring you to your senses.

WEEK TWO: Monday 15 February 19.00

Coming to your Senses
In Week Two you will learn how to switch focus between the thinking, ‘doing’ mind and the sensible, ‘being’ mind. Remember: when you notice your mind has wandered, shift your focus back without thinking you’ve done something wrong.

WEEK THREE: Monday 22 February 19.00

Mindful Movement
Mindful movement is about how to intertwine your brain and your body – which is not, as many believe, a sack of skin that you’re condemned to drag around like a giant backpack

WEEK FOUR: Monday 1 March 19.00

Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions
In previous weeks the focus of our attention was sent to our feet, our seat, to sounds, the body and breathing. Now we’re going to send it to where we feel emotions in the body.

WEEK FIVE: Monday 8 March 19.00

Mindfulness of Thought
Just as with emotions, your thoughts can become habit-forming and obsessive. At times, they can be a waste of head space; at other times, they’re a tiny bit useful because they give us poetry, art, literature, language, communication, civilisation ... to name a few

WEEK SIX: Monday 15 March 19.00

Compassion and Empathy
In this final week, you will work on how to incorporate mindfulness into your real life. That’s the point of it (not to learn to be a log).
You can’t be present all the time, watching your feelings and thoughts, or you’d grind to a halt, maybe mid-walk or, even worse, mid-traffic.

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Yes! This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Ruby over the weeks as she personally shares her techniques.

Yes! If you buy a ticket after the start date, you will still be able to join the remaining live events plus get video access back of the ones you missed. All video streams will be valid until 22 March 2021

All video streams will be valid until 22 March 2021

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  • Online event
  • 8 Feb > 15 March / 19:00 - 20:00
  • £99 - £150

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