Summer of Wellness

As life slowly returns to the ‘new normal’, it’s essential we still keep tuned in to how we are feeling, responding and reacting to this new post-lockdown life.
On the 22nd and 23rd August, we have curated a Summer of Wellness Weekend, bringing together the most inspirational wellbeing teachers, life coaches and authors to support your personal growth, wellbeing development and to help you work towards manifesting the life of your dreams.

We have split the focus over the weekend, so each day you can take part in online workshops which focus on a similar aim. The daily focus gives you the chance to select and curate your own personal workshop schedule based on what best serves your wellness development.

Saturday 22nd August is all about building strong foundations for change by taking stock of where we are and learning more about our basic functions and belief systems. Learn about manifestation, redefinition, meditation, transformation and healing.

Sunday 23rd August focuses on making changes with purpose and drive for a happier life. Learn how to; live a more deeply fulfilling life, re-connect your mind and body, reset your diet to heal, live your life with; clarity, mental and emotional resilience and re-program your immune system and restoration.

In partnership with
  • 14 Talks (7 live / 7 recorded)
  • 72 hour replay on all talks
  • 4 Live Talks
  • 72 hour replay on attended talks
  • 4 Live Talks per day (8 in total)
  • 72 hour replay on attended talks

How it works

From the sanctuary and comfort of your home; each day begins with a group sound bath to centre and focus your mind, body and spirit before the other online workshops and experiences start.

The group sound bath happens at 12 – 1:30 pm each day; following this, there is a choice of 6 other wellbeing workshops split into three-time slots (2 workshops per time slot).

You have the option of four live experiences to join which works out as one workshop per time slot, i.e., 12 – 13:30, 14 – 15:30, 16 – 17:30, 18 – 19:30

The workshops you attend will be available on reply for 72 hours after the event giving you even more time to reflect and grow from your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to put together your day or weekend in the best way to serve your wellness needs!

So after joining the group sound baths, you have the option of two live talks per time slot to attend. If you have a day or weekend ticket you are able to go and join one workshop per time slot, attending the full session. If you have a Full Access Ticket, you will also get a stream of the recording for the workshops you don't attend.

We would ask, so we can fairly pay presenters, that you buy a ticket per person even if you are sharing the same device.

If you need help email Josh by clicking here. He can then arrange a call, zoom or email response.