Aisha Carrington

Inner G Healing with the Breath

The moment to breathe, the teacher, the healer, the guru you need is all inside of you. You have the power to connect back to yourself easily when you are at one with your breath. Being mindful of how powerful the the breath is, can transform how you live your life. In this workshop with Aisha Carrington you will be reminded of the simple gifts the breath can offer you every second of the day. 

About Aisha Carrington

Aisha Carrington is a highly intuitive mentor, meditation teacher, sound healer, Angel guide and wellness change maker. She is the founder of the Get lit retreat an unban retreat that uses laugher, dance,   r&b and soul music to release stresses , recenter and focus on your inner love for yourself. Aisha’s joy is to bring diversity Into the wellbeing Industry in a truly heart centered way.