Emine Rushton

The Wholistic Woman – a re-membering to the whole of you

Welcome to the world of the Wholistic Woman – a world where we begin to unravel all of the factors that affect how we feel in our own body-minds. Using her Wholistic Harmony Wheel you will learn how to recognise subtle imbalance and restore your self through restorative rituals and behaviours – to feed your self up from the roots, every single day.

About Emine Rushton

Emine Kali Rushton is an author, editor of wellbeing magazine oh (ohmag.co.uk) and qualified holistic therapist. She has spent a decade studying Ayurveda and practising holistic therapies, and during that time, developed her own unique approach to holistic wellbeing which draws on natural cycles and Mother Nature’s own rhythms and restoratives. She lives in Kent with her two daughters,

where she grows her own herbs and flowers in her small terraced garden, and runs a seasonal wellbeing course, The Clearing, with her writer & grower husband. @thisconsciousbeing / thisconsciousbeing.com