The Magic of Unicorns Course

Diana Cooper

Based on Diana Cooper’s book The Magic of Unicorns, this life changing three-part course will enable you to attune closely with the unicorns, so that you can connect with them at all times and receive their high frequency light and blessings.

When you incarnate, the 7 Veils of Illusion that prevent you from remembering and connecting with your true divine essence, are placed over your third eye. For the first time since the fall of Atlantis, these can be released in your lifetime and the unicorns will remove as much as your soul will allow. This brings you clarity and happiness as you open to higher enlightenment.

Unicorns are pure high frequency healers. They can tune into your soul and heal your entire soul journey. Your personal unicorn will take you on a soul healing quest to dissolve personal and ancestral karma. This can set you free from burdens you were not even aware of. You will also attune to the collective unicorn energy to send healing to the world.

When you are liberated at a soul level, the unicorns can help you to find your soul purpose and move graciously towards your true destiny.

You incarnated on a particular life path, that vibrates on a specific number. The unicorns will energise your number so that your life flows and becomes more meaningful.

To receive a blessing from Source is an awesome experience. Your unicorn will take you on a beautiful journey through the dimensions into the highest angelic realms so that you can tune into the Infinite and accept a divine blessing.

This is a powerful course. Prepare to enjoy life at a much higher frequency.

In this 3-part course you will:

Session 1
  • Learn about unicorns
  • Receive a unicorn attunement
  • Remove the Veils of Illusion
Session 2
  • Learn how unicorns heal
  • Experience a Soul healing journey with the unicorns
  • Send world healing with unicorns
Session 3
  • Discover your soul purpose
  • Unicorns energise your life number
  • Unicorns take your soul vision to Source for a blessing