Fabi Dorea

Marry Yourself First

Join Fabi for an hour of self-love, self-acceptance and compassion. "I believe that the best way to communicate empathically is to show up in the arena unarmed and so I will be sharing my journey to wholeness and self-love. Having gone through a radical transformation myself and after leaving my old life, my old me and my ex-fiancee to embark on a journey of self discovery, I truly believe that we can only give to someone else what we give to ourselves. If it's love that we wish for, we must love ourselves first. I decided to Marry Myself First. True self-acceptance and self-love requires incorporation of our whole being, of all our feelings and emotions. Being whole is not a matter of choosing between being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but acknowledging that they both exist and co-exist within us. Self- acceptance is understanding that life is made of contrasts and opposite forces: day AND night, winter AND spring, light AND shadow, and so are we. We will start with a self-love meditation in order to activate and increase the energy flow to the heart Chakra, and experience practical exercises originated from Shadow Work as well as self-love and forgiveness techniques developed by myself. My aim is to give you the practical tools you need so that you too, can find and experience this love within, because the way we relate to ourselves, dictates how we relate to others and to the world around us".

About Fabi Dorea

Corporate lawyer turned self-love expert, published writer, public speaker and life coach, Fabiana found her purpose in teaching, motivating and empowering humans to find their place in the world and embrace their wholeness. Through her workshop: Marry Yourself First, she inspires many with her own self-love story as well as teaches practical tools so that everyone can leave the room with a heart filled with self love and fuelled by compassion. She’s mainly active through her instagram @fabi_dorea where you can find her writings, insights, lives and podcasts made in collaboration with other professionals.