Tracie Storey

Illuminate with Elemental Resonance

Qi Gong & Sound Meditation Qi energy = vital life force and in this session we will be encompassing a traditional lineage of wisdom alongside modern & practical application, This ‘Illuminate’ session is designed to optimise your health and energy with a practice that combines movement & breathwork consisting of Qi Gong postures and focused intention with sounds and vocal toning. Highly accessible for anyone who has a desire to improve their well-being and learn techniques to effectively transform their energy levels and activate their vital life force.

About Tracie Storey

Tracie Storey aka Tensuhi has a full spectrum approach to sound; international DJ/Producer, sound designer, vibrational sound practitioner, teacher, writer and speaker. She trained as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner exploring the transformational therapeutic properties of Bio Resonance, Sound Meditation and Qi Gong. She is the founder of Elemental Resonance a platform for restorative vibrational sound healing, Qi Gong and movement therapy. 2019 saw the release of her ‘Elemental Resonance’ Meditation album which is designed to work on all the 7 energy centres of the body and her online course 'Higher Vibrational Being' introduces you to Qi Gong, Meditation, Toning and the 'Five Pillars' of living in a Higher Vibrational way. Step by step video lessons help you to tap into your vital state of being as you learn to cultivate a 'Daily Practise.' These techniques tune your body & mind using sound and movement techniques passed down from a lineage of Chinese and Japanese masters as Tracie guides you skillfully and peacefully through these movements. : &