Athena Bahri

Raise Your Vibes: An intro to Reiki and Channeling love & light to our Chakras

An intro to Reiki and Channeling love & light to our Chakras." Learn to channel divine light to your energy centers, free yourself of negative energy, soothe anxieties, banish fears, and raise your vibes with love. All attendees will be blessed with a Reiki Reiju blessing, attuning you to the heavenly energy of Reiki. The event would also incorporate gratitude to our daily routine, and with a Reiju blessing for all attendees. 

About Athena Bahri

Hailing from a Hollywood dynasty as the niece of Rita Hayworth and cousin of Ginger Rogers, “Raise Your Vibes” author Athena Bahri began her career as an actress (as Athena Cansino), before leaving her life of glamour and paparazzi to create a life of peace and energy healing. She is the founder and creator of Crystal Reiki Healer—one of the fastest growing online presences for Crystal and Chakra Education, Crystal Reiki healing and raising the energy vibration for all beautiful souls searching to better their lives.