Debbie Frank

Living The Signs Of Your Soul

Have you ever wondered if your life’s experiences might not just be a series of random events, but a meaningful design or destiny that you signed up for the moment you were born?

The cosmic blueprint of your soul is revealed in your astrological birth chart.  Debbie will talk you through how the Soul Signs are encoded into your planetary placements, nodes, angles, houses and aspects and what they mean for your life journey, personal development and future growth.

In her talk, Debbie will share her ideas on astrology as a field of resonance which contains layers that can be read in either very simple, logical terms or as a more nuanced deep dive into astrology as mystical, multi-dimensional wisdom and soul medicine.


Some of the areas Debbie will explain are:


  • Your power codes for love:  how your frequency for the magnetic law of attraction for love is described by your Venus placement.
  • What is meant to be in our relationships?  How soul contracts are interwoven with karma and free will.
  • What is your life purpose?  How is it shown in your birth chart and how do we uplevel from a ‘job’ to a meaningful expression of our soul
  • What are we here to learn and give?   Looking at the North Node and South Node as indicators of what we bring into this life and what we need to develop
  • What are the qualities of your soul tribe and soul family?  Debbie explains how your Moon sign describes what nourishes your soul and the kinds of life connections which match your frequency


About Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank is a world-renowned Master Astrologer with decades of experience in sharing, teaching and providing life-healing to her personal clients, celebrities, CEO’s and royalty (she was Princess Diana’s personal astrologer from 1989 onwards).

Debbie’s training in psychological and spiritual astrology provides her clients with mentoring, meaning and life direction via a combination of her astrological insights, bespoke meditations and healing modalities.

Debbie is the author of Birth Signs, Baby Signs, the Cosmic Order Guide for Life, Love and Happiness, and Written in the Stars. She is a much loved media astrologer around the globe and has written for publications including Instyle, Daily Mail online, Daily and Sunday Mirror, the Sun and Sun on Sunday. She is currently the weekly astrology columnist for Hello magazine online. She writes a quarterly horoscope for People Royal magazine and as a frequent feature writer on the royals, her insights are much sought after.

Instagram: @scorpiodebbie