Kelly-Ann Maddox

Design a Unique Spiritual Path

Kelly-Ann Maddox invites you to design a spiritual path that truly holds meaning for you – one that reflects your personality, makes you feel fizzy and keeps you interested long-term. This event will encourage you to construct a practice that’s centred on your passions and rooted in your individuality. When your spiritual path is tailored to your needs, you can experience more powerful results and accelerated growth. When you customise your path so that it includes your favourite things, you’ll be more dedicated and consistent than ever before.

During this event, you’ll be guided to explore:

- The art of giving yourself permission: Include your favourite songs, cartoon characters, video games and pop culture references into your spiritual path without shame or apology!

- How to use your life timeline and personality type to figure out which practices and concepts are right for you.

- How to prune your current path and say goodbye to what’s not working anymore.

- Schedules and routines: Find the perfect fit and feel attracted to your spiritual aims rather than intimidated by them!

- Working with spirit guides, deities, dead rock icons and other non-physical beings (as well as connecting with non-personified energies)

- Creating gorgeous spiritual spaces, both in the real world and in the realm of the imagination

- Choosing the aims and checking the results: Get what you want from the spiritual path of your dreams!

About Kelly-Ann Maddox

Kelly-Ann Maddox is the author of ‘Rebel Witch’, a book for witches who want to construct a more unique and personalised path. However, you don’t need to be a witch to be enriched by this event. It is designed to offer a powerful experience to anyone who considers themselves to be spiritual and in search of inspiration and empowerment.