Lucyne Jade

Conscious Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying

Lucyne will be leading you through a Conscious Breathwork session followed by a Shamanic Journey, connecting with our hearts and highest potential in a joyful way. The Transformative Breathwork technique will help to release old, blocked emotions and beliefs and be filled with new possibilities. You will experience the healing effects of a natural, full and deep breath. The shamanic journey will help us to remember our light and purity so that we can take that remembrance into our lives. Lucyne will lovingly guide participants into whatever needs to be liberated. In doing so, we can let go of what doesn’t serve us and draw our dreams into reality.  Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is necessary.

About Lucyne Jade

Lucyne Jade is a Breathworker and Shamanic Practitioner, with extensive experience facilitating ceremonies and workshops all around the world. Using the alchemy of breath and sound Lucyne creates powerful journeys, allowing people to release blocks on every level of their being and receive deep and nurturing peace. She is skilled at holding a heartfelt sacred space, so others can soften more deeply into themselves. Her work brings relaxation and surrender so we can remember who we truly are.

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