Wellbeing Festival Online

22 - 25 MAY

Join us as we temporarily relocate our festival into the virtual world! Same amazing teachers, gurus, presenters and inspiration but joining you live in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check you are logged in and with the same email address as the booking. A common error is booking your tickets using both googlemail.com and gmail.com. This creates two accounts.

  1. Visit www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/whats-on/wellbeing-festival-online
  2. Select the workshop you want
  3. Click BUY
  4. Enter your promocode in the top left corner
  5. Press APPLY
  6. Then follow the process until you get to the confirmation screen

The unlimited access allows you unlimited access to any live talks during the festival. As per the T&C's this is based upon 4 workshops per day. If your code has stopped working this could be because you have booked too many workshops that overlap.

For example, this means that if there are three sessions starting at 10:30am, you would only be able to feasibly attend one of them.

If you have any workshops overlapping today please cancel them to make spare uses of the code.

If you need help email Josh by clicking here. He can then arrange a call, zoom or email response.