Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile Yemoonyah

How to connect & communicate with your spirit guides

6 Week Online Course

This practical and hands-on 6-week course with spirit guide medium and author of The Seven Types of Spirit Guide Yamile Yemoonyah, will teach you how to connect and communicate with your personal spirit guides.

After learning the basic concepts needed for this encounter with your cosmic helpers, and then putting it into practice with exercises and meditations, you will walk away with a framework you can use over and over again to receive guidance and encouragement from the spirit world.

You will also develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities and learn how to find your purpose with the help of your spirit guides. You will leave the course with a clear roadmap to a life more aligned with your soul's inner knowing and guidance.

  • Week 1 (15 Sept): Creating sacred space

    During this first session, you will learn how to create the right internal and external space to start your work with spirit guides.

  • Week 2 (22 Sept): Calling in the guides

    In lesson 2, you will get to experience the presence of your spirit guides for the very first time.

  • Week 3 (29 Sept): Asking questions

    In week three, I will introduce you to a simple method that allows you to ask your guides questions and receive answers.

  • Week 4 (6 Oct): Spirit guide communication

    Session four delves deeper into how to communicate with your guides and how their language differs from ours.

  • Week 5 (13 Oct): Developing your intuitive abilities

    Lesson 5 helps you explore your intuition, psychic abilities, and mediumship skills with the help of your spirit guides (no previous experience needed).

  • Week 6 (20 Oct): What you came here to do

    During this last week, we will let our spirit guides help us discover or step deeper into our life's purpose.