Exhibitor Marketplace

The Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival would not be complete without immersing yourself in our vibrant Exhibitor Marketplace and indulging in some retail therapy.  Here, you’ll discover independent organisations, companies and therapists with a wealth of experience, expertise, treatments and treats for you to sample, try and buy.  Take in a massage, discover some cool music, experience a therapeutic sound bath, connect with your soul through mediation and receive guidance from a reading.  A fantastic opportunity to stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic beauty products, yoga supplies, supplements, candles, essential oils, handmade jewellery, crystals and so much more!  Get happy in the Pop Up Temple, get healthy in our Nourish Experience, full of healthy eating tips, cooking demos and tasty delights.  Dance your socks off in the Silent Disco then indulge in some natural healing therapies – all totally unmissable!

Stand No. Exhibitor
B35 Agharta Jewellery

Not your usual jewellery... Hand forged using real crystals, pure copper and a whole lotta passion. Stunning crystal specimens and single stones for sale to. 

B28 Andrea & Laura Miles Jewellery
B5 Animistic Art
D84 Anonymous Love Letters #sharethelove

Sharing love around the world 1 letter at a time. Join us in this simple act of writing anonymous love letters and raising the planet's vibration to LOVE.  Write one, find one and help us #sharethelove around the festival


D41 Arbonne
C58 Aromastick

Aromastick is an effective and convenient natural inhaler that uses 100% organic essential oils to deliver scents to boost your mood.  Wherever you are.  Whenever you want.

We have six exciting products available all design to support you in your everyday life, whether that be our Calm product that offers a comforting scent to help you stay composed and in control or could it be our Energy product that has an invigorating scent to energize mind and body.

Every product is expertly made in Switzerland and is foil sealed for freshness and lasts up to 6 monhs after opening. 


B54 Ashok Tree Foundation
B24 Association Of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK)

The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) is a major Kinesiology Association supplying accredited nationwide courses taught by highly qualified faculty. The Kinesiology National Occupational Standards (KNOS) have been granted and ASK accredited courses comply with, and exceed, KNOS requirements. The syllabus includes reproducible techniques clinically researched by physicians. Professional kinesiologists will be at the stand B24 offering 15 minute taster sessions and answering queries relating to practitioner training, availability of local practitioners and what to expect in a kinesiology balance.

B23 Aura Photography & Chakra Imaging
D63 Azara Beautique

Azara Beautique comes to you from the heart of The Middle East, offering the purest handmade skincare and haircare products, created and blended with the rare and refined jewels of The Arab world, such as frankincense, myrrh, saffron, figs, camel milk and sidr honey. We take great pride in being the only skincare and haircare brand in the world that makes truly natural products with mineral-rich spring water from Arabia and they range from organic soap bars to luxurious body scrubs and creams. Our exotic creams and lotions are freshly made and can be customised to the needs of each customer, ensuring that you gain the maximum health and beauty benefits they have to offer. We will also be giving customers the chance to buy many of the exquisite ingredients we use to make our products and will provide a free gift wrapping service onsite. There will be a 10% discount on all products during the period of this exhibition.  

C8 Barbara Brennan School of Healing
C52 Big Juice
C58 Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur make a range of health, wholefood snack bars all handmade in Australia.  All of our bars are made from the most natural, simple ingredients and are 100% natural.  There is no added sugar as the bars are sweetened by dates an they are all free from artificial colurs, flavours and preservatives.  Our bars are 100% Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo & Dairy Free.  One of our bars is a perfect 'Clean Eating' snack on the go, a mid afternoon treat to keep you going or a post work out snack.

D61 Brush White Natural Teeth Whitening
Natural teeth whitening UK manufactured 100% natural 100% Vegan --
C56 Buddha Magic
D40 Buddhist Meditation Centre
D24 Cath Lloyd, Make The Change
B38 CHI-Tar Instrumental for Mindful Self Discovery

Mindfulness one-to-one

Mindfulness for business

Mindful Guitar Learning

Mindful Piano Learning 

Mindful Ukulele Larning 

Mindful Mentoring in Academic Writing

For details please check: www.chi-tar.co.uk

or contact asia@chi-tar.co.uk, or 07445358710

D32 Colour Personality Analysis
C45 Conscious Chocolate
C47 Cool Kids with Cool Minds

A 12 week meditation and mindfulness programme for teenagers, to help them deal with the stresses and strains of life's problem solving in a modern world. Using breathing, meditation and yoga it teaches them to think and cope from the inside out.

D22 Cryocen
Crystal Clear Psychics

Crystal Clear Psychics will be available for face-to-face readings throughout the duration of MBS.  Their team of gifted psychics, mediums and clairvoyants has decades of experience in providing professional psychic readings that give clients insightful, compassionate and reassuring guidance in all areas of life. Each and every Crystal Clear Psychic goes through a four-level test process to ensure they are experienced, highly skilled and, most importantly, genuine

B44 Crystal Connections by Adam Barralet
D36 Cytoplan
D25 Dekhomai
D26 Discover The Work You Were Born to Do
E8 Divine Empowerment - Energetic Evolution

Do you have traumas or emotional issues you just can’t shift? Come and see Antonia and her team for FREE group demos.

Deeper bespoke work is also available for exhibition special rate from £20.

Learn these techniques and many more by signing up to our workshops!

D1 Divine Gaia
C12 DOTERRA - Essential Oils
B29 Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga offers  flowing movements, and breath work to help balance the mind and emotions for de-stress and holistic lifestyle approach to health. 

D44 Essential Design London
B44 FanU

Small USB Hand Held Fans. Air cooling

 Corporate Partner with Breast Cancer Now

Read Jodi,s story at www.fanu.co.uk

D69 Forever Living Products
D46 Gem Enchantment
D8 Gifts From The Gods
B46 Gousto

Gousto – quality recipe boxes to make home cooking simple (and tasty!) 

B51 Great Ormond Street Hospital
B20 Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an independent environmental organisation that relies solely on the donations of you! We defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing responsible solutions for our fragile environment. We will be offering a unique experience that uses virtual reality to transport you to the depths of the ocean or to the ice covered continent of the Antarctic, where you can frolick with some cute penguins! Our dedicated fundraisers are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and are eager to chat to you about our campaigns!

C14 Guide Dogs
B53 Healing Interpretation & Mineral Analysis of Hands
B50 Henna Inks
C39 Hey Gorgeous

Hey Gorgeous creates the healthiest, non-toxic products that deliver real results using powerful organic superfoods and raw ingredients to transform the skin, hair and complexion. Take your skincare to the next level and experience the difference and results that our Gorgeous products, lovingly made from the finest most beneficial ingredients can do for your skin. Skin care that is kind on the skin and our planet too.

C34 House of Scents

Natural soy wax candles, reed diffusers and accessories.

D86 International College of Clinical Hypotherapy

Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses

The unique combination of a psychotherapist and one of Dr Richard Bandlers Internal Licensed Master Trainers of NLP creates a whole new dimention as they combine the lastest Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques with Clinical Hypnotherapy Methodologies.

Enabling you to learn from their experiences saving you time, effort and money.  Learn from successful business women and men how to set up a successful practice and how to create success within your clients/patients.


“There are so many hypnosis organisations around these days, so if you want to be assured that you are getting cutting edge training in clinical hypnotherapy, then, in my opinion, The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy is the best place for you.”

Paul McKenna Ph.D British Hypnotist & Author



B14 ION Powerful Company
D2 IUVO Skincare

We handmade our own skincare range using natural organic and vegan ingredients.

We source are ingredients from UK businesses that supply either Fairtrade, Natural, Organic and Vegan ingredients. 

D20 J.A.S.
C32 Jung Shim
B26 Karma 1 2 1

We are a holistic one stop shop that assists anyone who is looking to change or enhance their life spiritually with guidance.


C44 Kijani Living
B76 Kitty Kat Glitter
D58 Kleem

Authentic bespoke yoga inspired creations balancing your mind body soul.

V3 Kus Kus Foods
C10 Laura Mason Theta Healing

I use ThetaHealing to turn around your life 180 Degrees.

It is faster and easier than you have ever imagined.

ThetaHealing allows instant transformation of your problems - even if you have had them for years. It provides a fast, simple way to turn around situations you thought you were stuck with for good.

What happens in a session?

During a session, I use the theta brainwave and connect to the energy of All That Is (Source energy).

I will then do an intuitive scan to discover which beliefs are creating the issue in your life, e.g. illness, lack of money, relationship problems, employment problem etc.

I would then ask your permission to change whatever beliefs keep you from having what you want and replace them with new beliefs that empower you to create the life you desire.

I may also teach your body positive new feelings so you can start to feel more beautiful, confident, joyful, peaceful, and abundant right away.


How does this make your life better?

We are all the creators of our own reality and we create everything in our lives based on the beliefs we have in our subconscious mind.

For instance, if you believe that love is wonderful, you will draw in people and situations where you will experience love as wonderful. On the other hand, if you believe that love is painful, you will draw in people and situations which confirm your belief that love is painful. Books and films that teach about the“Law of Attraction” teach us that what we predominately think about in our lives, we attract.

What these books and films do not teach us is that only 2% of the population have the correct programming to attract wealth and success.

In my experience, ThetaHealing is the quickest way to clear all of the limiting beliefs, obstacles, and fears which are preventing you from living the life you desire

C33 Litios-Especialness
E4 Lumina Jewellery
C46 Maitreya the World Teacher
D31 Mantra Jewellery

Mantra is an award-winning collection of meaningful jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift.

Each piece symbolises a specific mantra, intended to make a positive impact on the way that you feel. Hold onto your piece from time to time throughout the day, and bring its mantra to mind. Buy it for yourself, and it prompts you to be your best self. Buy it for someone else, to give them daily inspiration.

Available in Sterling Silver, and 18ct Gold-plated Sterling Silver, Mantra necklaces start from £30. Many are personalisable, and we will have our engraving machine with us on the day. Visit www.mantrajewellery.co.uk to find out more.

D50 Mas Sajady - Be Limitless

After his second Near Death Experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history.  Mas works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life.  Thousands around the world have transformed their lives after working with Mas. 

Mas will be doing Workshops & Medihealings (meditation and healing combined) during the Festival and also offering healing sessions at his booth.

B61 Metamorphic Association

The Metamorphic Technique involves a gentle touch to specific areas on the feet, hands and head, found to reflect our gestation; the time when all the characteristics with which we live our life were established, while at the same time providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome. It is an extraordinary approach to life, healing and transformation and can offer a context in which we can just be ourselves while at the same time pointing to the transformation that is always available to us; the movement from who we are now, to what we can be, and already are in potential. 

C18 Michelle Tuck Jewellery
C5 Mind Align UK - Hypnotherapy

Change your life forever in one hour with Mind Align UK!

One hour Hypnotherapy sessions starting from 10.30am

Stand C5

Topics include:

  • Weightloss, healthy eating and excercise
  • Build lasting confidence
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Loving yourself
  • Stop procrastinating!
  • Motivation and discipline forever

Price per head only £49! (Clinic price £75) Card/Cash accpted

Includes FREE EBook download "Why Hypnosis?"

Optional audio dowloads availble to continue progress at home (only £5!)

Visit the Website :  www.mindalignuk.com

Call for more details and to book: 07811043905


D70 Moon Mna

Moon Mná Diary Journal 2019 - (Mná is the gaelic word for women). Stand D70

This book is richly illustrated colourful reflective Diary-Journal for women, featuring moon phases and astrological signs for every day of the year. Lots of reading content, with celtic goddess monthly themes, Celtic Solo Ceremonies for each month, inspiring quotes, affirmations, proverbs and wisdoms. It also includes heart-warming womens's stories, healthy living tips and a monthly mindful colour-in exercise. The perfect gift to self or the women in your life. To purchase online www.moonmna.ie  For more information contact us: moonmnadiaryjournal@gmail.com or join us on Facebook: Moon Mná - Women's Celtic Moon Circles. 

D64 Mora Medtech - Bio Resonance

The Mora Nova is the latest and most advanced in a long line of medical testing and treatment devices from Med-tronik GmbH in Germany. It is a complete assessment and treatment device using a patient's own energy and electromagnetic signals, which are processed and then used as therapy via the hand and foot electrodes. toxic substances are removed by "inverting" the signals. This is "The Mora Therapy", and it complements orthodox medicine without replacing it. The main aim here is to regulate the body's biophysical mechanisms and stimulate and reinforce the body's own immune system. Treatments for pain, detoxification, allergy testing, common colds, bacterial and fungal infections, digestive disorders and many more can be done. Please visit our website: www.moramedtech.co.uk 

D18 Muse: the brain sensing headband

Come experience Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is your personal meditation assistant that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what is happening in your brain while you meditate.

D48 My Wellness Toolbox
D68 Mycoppercup
C4 Natural By Nature Oils

Natural by Nature oils has been manufacturing and suppling high quality pure and organic essential oils and aromatherapy products.

We also hae a range of oil burners and aroma diffusers.

C38 Neal's Yard Remedies
B48 Nevsah

kitap, broÅŸür, üçlü girdap

C28 New World Creations
D66 Noelle Blake Creates
C35 Nutshell Boutique
C43 Omnivita

We carry an ever-growing range of Natural & Organic products to help our customers achieve great health. We are also UK's sole importer of Bragg Living products, including the world-famous Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother. Come over to our stand to discover the full Bragg range, as well as Mill Creek Botanicals skincare, and Copura organic Coconut Products... and while you're here, enter our free competition for a chance to win an amazing Health Hamper! Our nutritionist will be available at the stand for health tips and quieries too - see you at the show!

B47 Pamper For You - Mobile Massage
D62 Perfect Balance Retreats

Yoga and holistic retreats in beautiful places

V1 Pollen + Grace
C20 Queen of Camellias

Queen of Camellias is a small artisan company based in the West Midlands. We stock a wide range of loose leaf teas and herbals. Our aim is to provide high quality produce whilst preserving the environment, therefore teas and herbs are sourced from organic tea estates, farms and suppliers and are presented in compostable packaging.

D4 Red Kite Flutes

Red Kite Flutes looks forward to welcoming old and new customers and friends to their stall selling beautifully crafted Native American style flutes originally made by the very talented late Phil Hutton and now made by Sam Ward and Louise Hutton. We have price ranges to suit most pockets.  Lessons and demonstrations will be given by the equally talented Steve Cloudsong and Louise Hutton so come along and let us show you that everyone is able to play the flute. There is an immensely powerful healing aspect to the flute and it works beautifully in meditations. 

Louise, Mark and Sam (owner and directors of Red Kite Flutes) are delighted to stock some beautiful shamanic/medicine drums birthed by 2 of their wonderful friends, Faye Bradbury and Ros Simons, both well known and respected drum makers and medicine women.  We will be demonstrating the synergy between flute and drum throughout the weekend and the healing power of sound vibration through both mediums.  We also stock beautiful Native American style crafts made by Steve Cloudsong. We are joined as always by the lovely Mark Ward, best friend to Phil and Louise and all round great guy :-)

We continue to make each show we exhibit at a celebration of Phil's craftmanship and carry his love and wonderful hugs forward to all and sundry.  We so look forward to seeing you.

D10 Regenerative Health - Live Blood Analysis
B40 Relax Kids
B2 Resonance Harmonics

Handcrafted Sacred Geometric Resonance plates available in three sizes. Made from the highest quality raw material, from brushed Steel to brushed copper.  Precision cut, mathematically precise and hand-finished. Available in all of the chakra colours from a choice of our specially made crystal paints,  infused with actual crystals. Offering a bespoke service to our customers to personalise their resonance plate with a crystal sourced only from the highest quality. These exquistely beautiful, timeless designs can be decoratively hung on the wall, harmonising your living space, meditation or healing purposes and/or coasters to charge food or water.



D52 Salty Lamps
D16 Santosa Yoga & Meditation

Handmade Singing Bowls, Tibetan Mandala and Thanka, Buddhist and Hindu statues and artefacts made in Nepal

B6 Savage Cabbage
B26 Shimmering Light

Shimmering Light offer holistic therapies. Felicia is a Reiki Master/Teacher; doTERRA Wellness Advocate; psychic/spiritual medium; crystal healer and Spiritual healer. Over the weekend will be offering quick boosts of Reiki Healing, and crystal healing. We will also have crystals for sale, ranging from tumblestones, specimens and crystal packs. 

Joined with Karma 1to1, who will have range of aura vibrational mists, spiritual assistant candles, spiritually blended herbal teas, and chakra blended teas.

We are your holistic one stop shop that assists anyone who is looking to change or enhance their life spiritually with guidance.

D12 Shobu - Turn Your Shower into a Spa
Sina Pearl
B42 Sole Mates

Plantar Fasciitis? Sore Feet? Knee, Hip or Back Pain? Poor Circulation? Nothing provides the relief, comfort and support of Sole Mates liquid orthotic massaging insoles. Immediate results.

D34 Source Energy Healing
A16 Spirit Visions
B52 Spiritualists' National Union

The SNU has over 300 churches and centres across the UK and abroad. We will be selling Spiritualist books and cards, and providing Spiritualist healing. Come and speak to us to find out more.

B60 Stephanie J King - Soulprenuer
E6 Stepping out of the MATRIX

Return to Unity Consciousness through Healing, Transformation and spiritual Evolution with Diana Jaritz


Bringing the Heart Home through:

  • Stepping out of the Matrix – 2,5 years of transformation
  • Disconnecting from the Wheel of Re-incarnation
  • Karma Release Transformation – 15 months of transformation
  • Disconnecting from Parental Fears and Dysfunctional Family Patterning
  • Dissolving Fears in the Well of Fears

Selling Shungite and Elite Shungite Aura Sprays for protection against radiation/electrosmog and for electro-sensitives

E12 Sundari Jewellery

Sundari Jewellery For The Soul - Lovingly handmade jewellery using sacred Tulsi wood as well as a variety of beautiful hand picked jewellery with an eastern touch.

C11 The Balance Procedure
C48 The Clean Kilo

The Clean Kilo is Birmingham’s first, and the UK's largest, zero waste supermarket; we sell most products that you would expect to find in a regular supermarket - only without any plastic packaging! The idea of the shop is to bring your own reusable containers and refill them - no more plastic waste!

Most single use plastics are used for a matter of minutes yet spend up to a thousand years clogging up our oceans and natural environment. This is an issue that has become ubiquitous in recent times with the showing of BBC’s Blue Planet II and the plethora of news articles around the globe as plastic pollution has been recognised as a ‘planetary emergency’ by the UN.

Since opening four months ago we have prevented over 28,000 pieces of plastic from going in to landfill, or worse, the world’s oceans.

Our shop sells over 400 products from dried food (such as pasta, rice, nuts, seeds and cereal) which are mainly organic, to deli products like milk, cheese and yogurt and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. We have cleaning products which can be dispensed straight into your old bottles and toiletries like bars of soap and toothpaste which all come in recyclable packaging, not mention a whole range of zero waste accessories to help you reduce your plastic consumption.

The Clean Kilo three main ethos’s at are to be plastic free, local as possible and to help reduce food waste by allowing customers to buy only the amount you need.

We are pleased to showcase our toiletries, zero waste accessories and a selection of our food products to you at the Wellbeing Festival. Please do bring along your clean containers for refill, but do not worry if you are not able to as we will have free paper bags and reusable jars to buy.

Look forward to seeing you at the show! #zerowastebrum

D74 The Holistic Hut

Bespoke holistic healing treatments to restore wellbeing, along with a range of beautiful products including: Crystals, Essential oils, Sea salts, Soy candles, Aura sprays and Incense.  The majority of these are handmade using a unique blend of synergy and vibrational energy signatures specially selected for their healing properties.  

For more information visit: www.the-holistic-hut.co.uk or find us on Facebook

B8 The Humble Apothecary-Maxine Cook

Maxine Cook (MSc, Dip. SAC, MCMA, IAHT) is The Humble Apothecary.  Using a combination of Psychology, Cognitive Reshaping and Complementary Therapies all uniquely tailored to each individual Client, she provides interventions for a wide range of illnesses and dysfunction.  Ms Cook's focus at the Mind Mody & Spirit Festival will be on identifying and treating SLEEP DISORDERS, offering advice, treatment options and products that support people to understand and overcome INSOMNIA and other sleep problems.

C37 The Isbourne

The Isbourne is a hub of wellbeing and spiritual development, running a variety of inspirational courses, workshops and talks throughout the year from its Cheltenham town centre location on everything from veganism to crystal healing. The centre also boasts a packed schedule of weekly classes in yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, Pilates, dance and more, and has a catalogue of over 100 recommended holistic practitioners operating out of the therapy rooms on site.

B32 The LOA Twins
B19 The Messiah Foundation

Messiah Foundation International is a multi-faith spiritual organisation. We have one major goal: to bring about Spiritual Revolution on a global level with the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Mysticism. We aim to raise awareness of the forgotten spiritual sciences, promulgate the advent of the Awaited Messiah, Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar, promote the Divine Signs and herald the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. for more information please visit www.goharshahi.us

C26 The Spirit Cafe
D6 The Zen Shop
Gorgeous, colourful parasols to add brightness to any therapy centre or just to make your personal space delightful
Available from £15-£25
Zen kits 
Our amazing range of 'How To' kits are made by Zen especially for you! Each kit comes with instructions. We offer: Hows to meditate, How to sleep easy, how to balance, how to perform a moon wish and how to manifest love. Only £10 each! 
Cotton throws
Large selection of king size cotton throws in esoteric and spiritual designs. £15 each or special show offer 2 for £25. 

Indian bags
Unique selection of handmade Indian bags in a huge selection of designs. From £10-£15
Crystal Jewellery
Selection of pendants on waxed cord and bracelets. Any 3 for just £10
Copper vessels for drinking 
Copper is known for stimulating the brain, killing bacteria, regulating the thiroid gland, skin health, arthritis and inflamed joints. From £4.50 - £20
Wide range of Nag champa and high quality Indian incense available. £1.50 each or 4 for £5. 
Crystal Ganeshas and angels 
Beautiful hand carved special crystal carving. Individually priced from £10
Mandala beads, wooden and crystal 
Rosewood and crystal meditation Kala beads from £6.95-£20 
Dream catchers 
Hand made in Bali dream catchers from £2.50-£15
Sacred geometry lighting 
Handmade and unique to Zen sacred geometry lights. Cast beautiful patterns around your home and therapy centre. £45
Moroccan lanterns and tea light holders 
Stunning range of Verdi Gris and copper effect lanterns and tea light holders. From £5-£20
Chakra candles 
Essential oil chakra candles in full range of chakra colours. Show offer £12.50 each. (burn time: 100 hours) 
C42 Transference Healing

Transference Healing is a seventh dimensional healing modality that works with light & elements. This is pure alchemy. Come join us on the Transference Healing Stand. Why not Divine an Animal Magic Card for the day, Connect with our team & also receive an exclusive 1-1 session so that you can experience the profound frequencies of Transference Healing®. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase our amazing Transference Healing products too. Looking forward to seeing you there.Transference Healing is a seventh dimensional healing modality that works with light & elements. This is pure alchemy. Come join us on the Transference Healing Stand. Why not Divine an Animal Magic Card for the day, Connect with our team & also receive an exclusive 1-1 session so that you can experience the profound frequencies of Transference Healing®. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase our amazing Transference Healing products too. Looking forward to seeing you there.




C36 Tumerix
C41 UrbanLune Crystal Candles

UrbanLune is the unique online witchery boutique, specialising in our exclusive in-house crystal candles since 2016. Stocking unique handmade creations, we home the essentials for the new age spiritual community.

UrbanLune creates mindful eco friendly crystal candles, hand poured in the UK with coconut wax, locally grown organic flowers and hand selected crystal gemstones. Each are designed to amplify the metaphysical properties of the crystals inside and created with a specific intention. Our candles, are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are enjoyed by the witchy community and candle-enthusiasts alike. 

B1 Valentte London
B49 Wellness Water

The Wellness Filter® is the ultimate water purification and enhancement system. Imagine having better than premium glass bottled water flowing from every tap in your home including the bath, kitchen, and garden. 


Wellness Water combines a world class filtration technology with a scientifically designed volcanic mineral ‘energising’ cartridge to replicate nature’s own spring water process. This unique process gently transforms ordinary tap water into great tasting, healthier, naturally enhanced water. Specifically, the water is enhanced to have the following properties:


  • Increased rates of hydration to make it more readily absorbable by humans, animals and plants
  • Reduced ions for a greatly improved and natural antioxidant effect
  • Helps Improve digestion and relieve acid reflux
  • Higher solubility, allowing water to transmit greater quantities of nutrients
  • Helps improve waste and toxin elimination
  • Can lower oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • Can Reduce inflammation and can assist with natural relief for skin conditions
  • Beneficial in weight-loss programs and skin care
  • Additional trace minerals that enhance cellular and biological function and stabilize pH
  • Natural resistance to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Helps Reduce lactic acid build-up.


Click here for more info: www.wellnesswater.co.uk

C24 Wishes - Crystals & Retreats
B56 Wonder Incense

New range of Incense sticks from New Moon Aromas, Nandita and White Sage Oil from SAC, White Sage Smudge Sticks from Dream Spirit

C40 Woodland Trust

Conservation charity

C55 Yogamasti Yoga Wear
D54 Yogi Tea
C54 Your Zooki
B64 Zephorium Soul Tonic