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Sunday 5 November 13:15 - 15:15

Diana Cooper

Meet the Dragons and the Higher Animal Selves

Today Diana will introduce you to the life changing Earth, Air, Fire and Water Dragons as well as your own personal Dragon AND some of the awesome cosmic ones – The Emerald Dragon, the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame Dragon and the Rainbow Dragon.

In addition, Diana will share fascinating information about the animal kingdom, their soul missions, their service work and how they work with the Archangels.  She will take you on a powerful journey to petition the Intergalactic Council for help for all animals.  Through visualisations, prayer and exercises you will make a difference and accelerate your ascension path.




ABOUT Diana Cooper

About Diana Cooper

Diana’s spiritual journey started many years ago with an angelic visitation.  Later angels asked her to tell people about them.  She has written 30 books and has travelled world-wide sharing information from the angelic realms.  She founded the Diana Cooper Foundation as a not for profit organisation that offers spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.