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Friday 3 November 15:45 - 17:45

Diane O'Connell

Heal yourself. Heal Others: How to become a healer and make it into a viable career

:    In this workshop we will be exploring how to respond to the spiritual call to become a healer in the 21st Century and what this means with regard to training and regulation, what  different career paths are open to healers and how self-development is so important.   Experience the first steps to becoming a healer by learning to look after your own energy system.


5 Bullet Points:

The history of Healing and how it is accepted in the 21st Century – training and regulation

Understanding the broad-base on what it means to become a Healing practitioner: the opportunities and ways of integrating Healing into your life and career

The importance of self-development for the healer

How to look after our own energy – first steps to becoming a healer

The Path of the Healer is one of Service