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Friday 2 November 13:00 - 15:00

Lisa Fearon

Cacao Visioning Workshop

Lisa is The Chocolate Coach.

This workshop integrates life-coaching techniques, deep meditation and visualisation to gain insight and clarity towards manifesting exciting life transformations! This is a uniquely immersive experience created to guide you in expanding your mind. Drinking Ceremonial Cacao, learning about the power of cacao leading into a powerful meditation to journey with music.

ABOUT Lisa Fearon

Lisa is a Life coach, specialising in Transformational change. Specifically focusing on mindset, Positive psychology and the mind-body connection. She has created a unique process integrating coaching, hypnotherapy and cacao-facilitated journey work to guide people to reach self-mastery and really live life fully.

Along with 1-1 coaching, Lisa runs Cacao Visioning workshops and Transformational Retreats around the world. These all follow her powerful process designed to help people find deeper meaning and life fulfillment, through her own experience overcoming a debilitating chronic pain condition. After 15 years putting people to sleep for a living as an anaesthetic specialist, her mission is to now wake people up!