Emma Mumford

Align With Abundance & Your Desires (Release Your Manifestation Blocks)

Learn from the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert Emma Mumford how you can use the Law of Attraction in 2022 to manifest your desires and abundance. In this workshop, Emma will be sharing with you the common blocks and resistance when it comes to manifestation and how you can clear these and align with abundance and your desires. She'll also be sharing with you how you can manifest with your Inner Child and other powerful techniques you can start working with straight away.

About Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford is the UK's leading Law of Attraction expert. She is an award-winning life coach and mentor, Law of Attraction YouTuber, 2x bestselling author of her books Positively Wealthy and Spiritual Queen, speaker and podcast host of the popular podcast 'Spiritual Queen's Badass Podcast'. Emma's work helps people turn their dream life into an abundant reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality. Emma's work has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally over the last 8 years.