Yogi Ashokananda

Rejuvenate the Brain & Spinal Centre

The energising practice of Prana Kriya yoga harmonises and unites the flow of the physical movement in our bodies (kriya) with its energetic power. It slows down the ageing process by recharging the blood with oxygen and decarbonising it, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centre and preventing the tissue decay.

About Yogi Ashokananda

Yogi Ashokananda is an expert and pioneer as a practising master of yoga, meditation and spirituality. He has dedicated his entire adult life in service to humanity by teaching, mentoring, writing, learning and speaking on yoga, meditation and spirituality. Raised in India, he has been practising yoga since early childhood when his Grandfather was his first teacher. Yogi Ashokananda has been fortunate to develop his teaching, experience and education of yoga under some of the great, remote, Indian masters and siddhas. Influencing his developed practice disciplines, Himalayan Hatha Yoga , Prana Kriya Yoga , ATMA Meditation & Science of Relaxation.