About MindBodySpirit

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Welcome to Mind Body Spirit. Here you can join us on our wellbeing journey and enjoy live events, workshops, blogs, news and life hacks on all things to contribute towards a healthier lifestyle and a better you.

Our History

Founded in 1977 by Graham Wilson, it has always been our passion to create live events and provide an outlet with a focus on all things Mind Body Spirit and Wellbeing. Our aim is to give you the tools, inspiration and support to feel inspired and motivated by the worlds best wellbeing speakers, performers, gurus, fitness motivators and so much more.



The formula for the Mindy Body Spirit Festival was unique and evolved and changed over the years. There were always three main ingredients – the exhibitors, the performers and the presenters, held together by the energy giving meditation sanctuary and the vegetarian restaurant. In the early years, the biggest attraction among exhibitors has always been the psychic readings organised from the beginning by the British Astrological Society and Psychic Society founded by Russel Grant.

One of the primary purposes of the Festival was to show the inter-relatedness of Mind Body Spirit. Each of the main sections has been supported by leading organisations, reflecting the important role the Festival has played in changing the public’s attitude and perception of themselves and the world.



Remaining true to its core formula the Festival has a focus on exhibitors, performers and presenters ranging from inspirational, motivational speakers, musicians, artists, yogis and performers from all across the globe. Each year our exhibitor list grows and becomes more eclectic and wonderful. Visitors can submerge themselves into a marketplace full of wellbeing & health products, organic food, therapies, jewellery, holistic retreats, divinations, supplements and healing.

Each year the Festival offers a curated list of FREE experiences to help visitors grow, try something new and truly embrace the Mind Body Spirit culture. The much loved and cherished main stage which has been present at every Festival since 1977 remains a real focal point. With the addition of a Wellbeing Studio, a Pop-Up temple, Ceremony Space, Silent Disco, Yoga and Meditation Studio, Wellbeing Spa and the Alchemy of Sound the modern-day Festival has something for all.