Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

This document details the agreement between Mind Body Spirit Ltd (the organiser) and any company, individual, partnership or organisation (exhibitor) that participates in the Mind Body Spirit Festival (the exhibition). These terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of any others unless expressly agreed in writing.

  1. The Event(s)

The London Wellbeing Festival, presented by Mind Body Spirit Festival
Live Dates: 15 - 18 April 2022
Venue: Olympia London
Public Opening Times
Friday 15 April 2022 | 10.00 - 19.00
Saturday 16 April 2022 | 10.00 - 19.00
Sunday 17 April 2022 | 10.00 - 19.00
Monday 18 April 2022 | 10.00 - 17.00

The Birmingham Wellbeing Festival, presented by Mind Body Spirit Festival
Live Dates: 28 - 30 OCtober 2022
Venue: N.E.C Birmingham
Public Opening Times
Friday 28 October 2022 | 11.00 - 18.00
Saturday 29 October 2022 | 10.00 - 18.00
Sunday 30 October 2022 | 10.00 - 17.00

  1. Booking
    1. The submitted contract becomes legally binding when the organiser acknowledges receipt of a completed contract and deposit by raising an invoice for the payment. The invoice will also detail the schedule of payments due.
    2. The contract must state clearly the nature of all goods and services to be promoted at the exhibition. Only those goods and services entered on the application form may be displayed.
    3. The organiser reserves the right to decline an application to exhibit if, in their opinion, it is deemed unsuitable for the exhibition.

  2. Cancellation
    1. Upon acceptance of the signed contract the exhibitor agrees to adhere to the schedule of payments as itemised on the application form and the subsequent invoice. In the event of cancellation by an exhibitor the cancellation fees are as follows.
      1. The London Wellbeing Festival
      2. 30% if you cancel on or after 3 July 2021,
      3. 70% if you cancel on or after 13 September 2021
      4. 100% if you cancel on or after 17 January 2022
      5. The Birmingham Wellbeing Festival
      6. 30% if you cancel on or after 29 November 2021
      7. 70% if you cancel on or after 15 May 2022
      8. 100% if you cancel on or after 7 August 2022
    2. Notification of cancellation must always be given in writing and received by recorded delivery. Exhibitors remain liable for any payments overdue at the time of cancellation. The organiser retains the right to re-sell cancelled space without prejudice.
    3. In the event of non-compliance with the schedule of payments for any reason whatsoever, the organiser may, at its sole discretion
        1. Cancel the booking without return of deposits and/or
        2. Relocate the stand to another position and/or
        3. Alter the size of the stand.

  3. Alterations to Bookings
    1. In the event that an exhibitor wishes to alter the listed goods and services between the time of booking and the exhibition itself, they must notify the organiser in writing. Permission to display additional goods and services may be given at the sole discretion of the organiser.
    2. Should an exhibitor wish to alter the size or location from that listed on the application form the change(s) must be agreed in writing with the organiser.
    3. If an exhibitor wishes to decrease the size of the stand, the organiser, at its discretion, will reduce the size where possible; however the exhibitor will still be contractually obliged to pay the original stand price, as stated on the original signed contract.
    4. Under no circumstances must a stand be sublet, shared or transferred without the prior consent of the organiser. All requests must be made in writing via recorded delivery. The exhibitor is still liable for the full price of the stand to be paid to Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd. The exhibitor is responsible for collecting any owed money from companies who sublet, share or transfer to/on their stand.

  4. Entitlements
    1. The stand cost includes floor space and stand construction (as detailed in the exhibitors’ manual). Also included are exhibitor passes for staff, and a programme listing (provided the stand is booked prior to the copy deadline).
    2. The cost specifically excludes electricity supplies, furniture, telephone, car parking and insurance, and any other additional services as may be required by individual exhibitors.
    3. The boundaries of the stand are delineated by the shell scheme construction and do not include any aisle space whatsoever. Displays must not be placed anywhere other than within the perimeter of the stand. Canvassing of visitors is not permitted beyond the perimeter of each exhibitor's stand such as in the aisles or entrance hall.

  5. Exhibiting
    1. Stands must be staffed at all times throughout the opening hours of the exhibition.
    2. Any failure by an exhibitor to furnish their stand by the opening time of the exhibition will be deemed as a cancellation, and the organiser will be entitled to reallocate the space without refund.
    3. Exhibitors selling food items must be in possession of current food hygiene certification and may require permission from the venue caterers. Any applicable concession fees will be the financial responsibility of the exhibitor; Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd will invoice you for these.
    4. Exhibitors must not block the front of a neighbouring stand with their displays nor arrange their stand in such manner as to cause the public to block the aisle in front of it, or any adjacent stand.

  6. Exhibitors Manual
    1. An Exhibitors’ Manual is provided to each exhibitor which contains detailed information on contractors, scheduled arrival and departure times, and all other operational information related to the exhibition. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to make their own arrangements for the provision of the additional services detailed in the manual, if required.

  7. Insurance
    1. Public liability insurance is a requirement of this exhibition. The level of cover required is determined by the requirements of the exhibition hall owners and is detailed in the Exhibitors’ Manual for each Exhibition. The organiser, exhibition hall owners and management, official contractors and local authority cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage sustained from any cause whatsoever.
    2. Security services are provided throughout the exhibition and build-up period, but whilst every reasonable precaution is taken, exhibitors are advised to take common-sense precautions regarding the safety of their effects at all times.
    3. The organiser disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage to property of any exhibitors from any cause whatsoever. However, it is essential for exhibitors to report immediately to the organiser any loss sustained. The organiser accepts no responsibility for exhibitors' goods left at the exhibition hall at the end of the exhibition.
    4. The organiser accepts no responsibility for the failure of any exhibitor to arrange the required insurance cover.
    5. The current required Public Liability insurance rates for 2020 are £10,000,000 for London Olympia and £5,000,000 for NEC Birmingham.

  8. Health and Safety
    1. Details of the organiser's allocated contractors are given in the Exhibitors’ Manual. Any other contractors employed on site for the purposes of stand construction or connection of utilities must gain the permission of the organiser and in turn the venue.
    2. Set-up and breakdown of exhibition stands must only take place during the allocated times as given in the Exhibitors’ Manual. Exhibitors are not permitted to set up or dismantle stand displays or move merchandise within the hall while is it open to the public. Specifically, exhibitors must not commence breakdown at the end of an exhibition before the public have vacated the hall.
    3. Children under 16 are not permitted to be in the hall during build-up or break-down. The presence of such children would negate the insurance cover of all parties present in the hall at the time and must be absolutely avoided.
    4. Exhibitors must not cause any aisle or emergency exit to be blocked in any way by their goods, displays or staff. In case of any dispute the decision of the duty fire officer is final.
    5. Exhibitors must not bring explosives, dangerous or harmful substances into the exhibition. No naked flames, fireworks etc are allowed, and any item or device deemed unsafe by the duty fire officer will be removed by the organisers or the fire officer.
    6. Exhibitors must seek the permission of the exhibition hall (via the organiser) should they wish to bring any animal into the exhibition.
    7. While onsite the designated Health & Safety officer has final say on any issues of Health and Safety, all exhibitors must adhere to their guidance.

  9. Fire Regulations
    1. Any goods attached to your stand will constitute part of your stand and will be subject to the following regulations:          
      1. All timber under 25mm thick must be impregnated to Class 1 standard. Treated boards have BS476-Part 7 Class 1 marked on them. Boards, plywood, chipboard must be treated if under 18mm thick. The exception to this is MDF due to its density.
      2. All textiles must be flame proofed or purchased already treated with approved chemicals. Fabric used within stands must be fixed taut or in tight pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured 7 cm from floor level, away from light fittings.
      3. All fittings, fixtures and products must remain within your stand area, and no empty boxes or packing materials can be stored on your stand.
    2. All Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd exhibitions are non-smoking.
    3. Exhibitors should note the specific fire evacuation procedures that apply to the exhibition hall as contained within the Exhibitors’ Manual.

  10. Photography
    1. Any images of participants taken by the official festival photographer remain the property of the organiser, and the organiser reserves the right to use any such images to promote future Exhibitions.
    2. Exhibitors may not take photographs/video footage without the written consent of the organiser.

  11. Admission
    1. The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any member of the public or any exhibitor staff member.

  12. Badges / Passes          
    1. Exhibitor badges are issued by Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd for the use of exhibitors and their staff. These must be completed with the name of the individual and the stand number.
    2. Badges are strictly non-transferrable. The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission of any individual in possession of an exhibitor badge, who is not directly involved with an exhibition stand.

  13. Noise Levels
    1. Exhibitors must ensure that CD/iPods, videos, televisions and any other sounds emanating from their stands are kept to a level that does not cause disturbance to other exhibitors or to performers. In case of dispute, the organiser's decision is final.
    2. No voice amplifiers are to be used by any exhibitor.
    3. Any use of pre-recorded music or video material must be registered with the Performing Rights Society.
    4. Exhibitors must not cause any obstruction or disturbance to the neighbouring or adjoining premises to the exhibition hall in the process of moving into or out of the exhibition hall.
    5. During the Festival there will be louder performance sessions on the stage; these will all be done within the health and safety guidelines. These will run through designated times on each day, any loss of trade to an exhibitor due to the volume of these will not be the responsibility of the organiser. 

  14. Code of Conduct
    1. Whilst participating in the exhibition, exhibitors must not conduct their business in a manner that could bring the reputation or integrity of the Festival into disrepute. The organiser reserves the right to stop or remove any act, display item or person deemed to be inappropriate or to be detrimental to its interests.
    2. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused to the fabric of the exhibition hall by their activities while participating in the exhibition.
    3. Exhibitors are responsible for any waste material left behind at the end of the exhibition. Any costs incurred by the venue in the specific disposal of such materials will be passed on to the exhibitor.

  15. Webinar Terms & Conditions
    1. The webinar must run no longer than the pre agreed time (usually 45-60 minutes)
    2. The booking is non-transferable to other parties and any change once published may require an admin charge to be paid.
    3. MBS Digital Ltd (the organiser), Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd or any associated parties are not liable for the content shared in the webinars.
    4. The organiser is not responsible for any fault with the technology used (ZOOM) or failure for the session to record. Should the technology result in the webinar not being able to broadcast live, a new date will be arranged.
    5. The organiser is not responsible for any technical issues encountered by the presenter – e.g faulty internet connection.
    6. The organiser cannot guarantee a set number of attendees.
    7. The Presenter or Company booking agrees to not share content that is inappropriate, illegal, factually inaccurate, in bad taste or that could cause offence.
    8. The Presenter or Company booking will not break any copyright laws, any breach of these will be the Presenter or Company booking responsibility.
    9. Throughout the webinar the Presenter or Company booking must not conduct their business in a manner that could bring the reputation or integrity of the Organiser, Festival and associated parties into disrepute.
    10. This agreement is made in line with UK law.?

  16. Misc
    1. The agreement is not conditional upon the presence or absence of any other exhibitor, and any reference to such a circumstance does not constitute any part of the agreement.
    2. The agreement is onerous upon the organiser to provide the exhibitor with an amount of space and shell scheme within the exhibition. However, the organiser reserves the right to change the position or number of that stands space within the exhibition.

  17. Disclaimer
    1. Information is given by the organiser in good faith and to the best of their knowledge at that point in time. Any subsequent changes cannot be taken as cause to cancel the booking, likewise no omission or error on the part of the organiser can be held against them.
    2. The organiser reserves the right to alter the overall layout of the exhibition if necessary, which in turn may affect the location and dimensions of individual stands. In the event that re-allocation of stand space is necessary for any reason, the organiser will undertake as far as possible to allocate the closest equivalent stand. This eventuality does not constitute a violation of the contract and does not permit the exhibitor to revoke that agreement.
    3. The organiser will act at all times in the best interests of the exhibition and in doing so may from time to time alter the details of these terms and conditions if required.
    4. In the case of any breach of contract the organiser reserves the right to remove items or people from the exhibition and/or revoke the contract without prejudice to the right to recover any monies owed to the organiser.
    5. In the event of postponement or abandonment by the organiser the exhibitor shall not have any claim against the organiser. Any failure to settle a dispute related to these terms and conditions will be resolved in a court of law.

No sub-letting or transferring of stands is allowed. The contract is specific to the exhibitor and must not be assigned, sublet or shared in any way. No material can be distributed that is not related to the exhibitor and listed on the booking form