3 Beautiful Ways a Message from Spirit can Change your Life by Lauren Robertson

3 Beautiful Ways a Message from Spirit can Change your Life by Lauren Robertson

It is often assumed that when a loved one in Spirit delivers a message to us, whether through a medium, or giving us a ‘sign’ directly, that they are coming to let us know they are o.k. As their living relatives, our thoughts are dominated by questions such as, are they alright? Are they with anyone in Spirit? Are they at peace? Are they well again?

But it might surprise you to know that your loved ones in Spirit do not try to communicate with you to let you know that they are o.k. (they have returned to source - a state of love, harmony and peace. Trust me, they’re good!) They come to communicate for your benefit, for your healing, not theirs.

The loss of a loved one can steal the fullness of life from you, and their mission is to give you your life back.

Even when Spirit comes with mundane details like the colour and style of Aunt Nancy’s curtains, or what you had for breakfast yesterday, the point is to let you know that they see you; that they continue to be aware of your life, your celebrations, triumphs and struggles, and that they accompany you and support you through such.

Your loved ones in Spirit communicate with you so that you can return from the myriad, painful forms of grief, to someone who can freely and joyfully live again.

Here are 3 beautiful ways a message from Spirit can accomplish just that.

1. You can find peace through forgiveness.

When our loved ones return to Spirit, they see things differently. They see the whole picture. And often, that results in a great big ‘Oooops!’ because they see clearly, for the first time, all the mistakes they’ve made and how their actions (or inaction) have affected those who loved them.

If you have been hurt by someone in Spirit, and you weren’t able to find resolution before they died, they will often reach out to you to ask for forgiveness, owing to their new angel’s-eye-view of things. In so doing, they wish to make right their trespasses, and if you can forgive them, you will find peace. 

Forgiveness just means you are willing to let go of anger and resentment, and you are prepared to wish them well.

2. You can be freed from the fear of death.

When someone close to us dies, it can traumatise us and leave us feeling afraid of our own death. Subconsciously, this fear causes us to make decisions that will keep us safe…too safe, such that we lead a sheltered, fearful, half-life, unwilling to take risks of any kind. We become afraid to ask for a promotion at work, tell that guy / girl that we love them, take that trip we always dreamed of, or spend our money in a way that would bring us freedom and joy.

By getting a message to you that they have survived death, and are well and happy, our loved ones endeavour to help us transcend the fear of death, so that we will find the courage and confidence to take the risks that make life worth living.

3. You can be healed from the pain of loss.

When someone we adore passes away, it can leave us feeling that loving them was a waste of time that only resulted in pain. Without realising it, we can bring the shutters down on our heart and refuse to be close to anyone, or let anyone be close to us, for fear that we will inevitably lose them.

When someone we love dies, it can feel like we’ve invested, invested, invested in the relationship and that, ultimately, it meant nothing. This belief can cause us to experience all sorts of corrupted feelings like being not good enough, bitterness, anger…and can very easily lead us to addiction to

numb the pain, or a nice little existential crisis.

Truly, love is the only thing in the world that matters. It is the foundation of everything, and the creative force that causes the unfoldment of life.

Your loved ones in Spirit won’t allow you to fall out of love with love, as far as they can help it.

By bringing a message to you from Spirit, and showing you that they still exist, that your love mattered…that you matter, they aim to open up your heart to the idea of love once more. They do this both so that you will be forthcoming with your love, and, so that you will allow yourself to be the receptacle of love, without fear that it will necessarily be accompanied by pain.

So there you have it, friend, 3 beautiful ways that a message from Spirit can change your life. So the next time you get a ‘sign’ from Spirit or a truly awesome message from a medium, take some time to consider the 3 suggestions in this article, and try to identify your loved one’s intention with their communication.

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Lauren is a medium and coach, and author of the forthcoming Hay House book The Medium in Manolos