5 Everyday Essential Practices by Michael James Wong

Michael James Wong; Inspirational Speaker, Meditator, Author, Global Yogi & Wellness Warrior share's the practices that have supported him in his career and personal lives. We hope that you enjoy these insights into other people’s successful practices and that they may assist you in building your own daily practice.

1) A Morning Shower

Now you may be thinking, how is this number 1 on the list? But for me, this is a big deal. The transition from night to day, dark to light, from sleep to awake, from stop to start is a big shift in our entire body, mind & spirit. We do it every single day. And my morning shower is the moment of transition for me. It’s the physical cleanse from the night before that sheds the dust, and an injection of the spirit for the day ahead. It’s during this morning ritual where I can make a conscious start to the day, and set myself up for the best shot at enjoying the day ahead. It’s my ritualist way of saying, the past is gone, it’s time for the now and what’s next.

2) Daily Meditation

As a yogi & meditation guide, it goes without saying that a steady and daily practice will have big shifts in how we see and receive the world around us. For me, taking the time for a conscious state of rest twice a day is something that is essential for living life to its fullest every single day. There is a plain and simple truth in my life that before I had a daily meditation practice, I was unclear, agitated and always unsettled. Now with a dedicated practice, everything in my life has shifted to a calmer state.

3) Moving Mindfully
Whether it’s an hour on the mat or another physical workout, moving the body each and everyday helps to ease the tensions, tightness & habitual patterns in our bodies. As humans, we thrive when we are active & alert, some moving in a mindful way keeps me fit, healthy and happy. I’m not the most athletic person, or the bendiest yogi or the strongest handstander, but for me, it’s not about doing the extraordinary, it’s about ensuring that I can still tie my shoes when I’m 90.

4) I ask myself this question daily: How can I be more Selfish today?
We look at the idea of selfishness as a negative, when in reality it’s about self-care, preservation and acknowledging and respecting the things in my life that serve a relevant value. I’ve learned over the years that we spend so much time, giving up our time & wasting our time for no reason other than ‘because we felt we had too’. My time is one of the most valuable commodities I have, so spending it on the things that truly make me happy & thrive are always a daily priority. I’m not overly bothered if you like or dislike my decision because at the end of the day I’m the only one responsible for my own life.

5) Open my eyes and acknowledge my experiences

As humans we are guilty just ‘going through the motion’, we let life happen to us, we don’t live, we don’t experience it. We wait for those special occasions, for the extra special moments and we’re guilty of taking the everyday for granted. Why wait till it’s past to appreciate a moment, why wait till the weekend to live. Some of the best moments of my life happened when nothing was really happening. Don’t you agree? Why would you want to miss those? Get off your phones, stop scrolling, stop trying to capture the moments, just live them and you won’t need to help remembering them in years to come.