Accelerate Your Ascension Path...Meet The Dragons by Diana Cooper

Accelerate Your Ascension Path...Meet The Dragons by Diana Cooper

We live in an amazing world surrounded by angelic beings on different wavelengths and they all want to help us to be happy, healthy, more abundant and to fulfill our destiny. Right now we have the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth and ascension that there has ever been because we are approaching the start of a new Golden Age so the dragons are pouring in to assist us. They are wise, open-hearted beings fully of the angelic realms.

There are things that the dragons can do that angels cannot. For example, they can delve into deep dense energies and clear them. If there are negative energies under your home or office, you can ask the Earth dragons to transmute them. Just think of the difference this can make!

Fire dragons can protect you by burning up any dark energies such as other people’s angry thoughts, that are floating about near you. They can even place an etheric wall of fire round you. They make you feel very safe.

Air dragons can blow away cobwebs in your mind and then blow in the new at a higher frequency to inspire and enthuse you. They actively help you to achieve your vision.

And water dragons carry the Christ light and leave a trail of it wherever they go. They help you to flow around your problems and they enable you to open up your psychic abilities. The most wonderful thing is that you have your own personal dragon-like your own Guardian Angel, who has been waiting patiently to meet you.

Are you ready to meet the elemental dragons and your own personal dragon and find some of your challenges just melting away?

Since 2015 many very high-frequency dragons have entered this universe to help us. One of my favourites is the Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda. It carries all the different shades of pink and touches you with the various qualities of love. These dragons literally light the flame of love within you, allowing you to transcend lower feeling or emotions that have stopped you from opening yourself to love, creativity, romance, artistic gifts and oneness. When you carry their pink light you magnetically attract beautiful things and people. Do you want to do this?

Another of the high-frequency galactic dragons that have helped me to expand and grow is the White Gold Dragon from Lyra. Lyra is a twelfth dimensional, cross-shaped Stargate, beyond which the 9th-dimensional unicorns gather, waiting for us to be ready for their presence. The White Gold dragon prepares us by taking us to bathe in the Golden Globe of 9D Christ light. Then it takes us to the Stargate to meet one of the illumined golden horned unicorns. Archangel Christiel is in charge of the Stargate of Lyra and he also helps to prepare our Causal Chakra to receive this special unicorn and to give us permanent entry to the angelic realms.

If you are ready to receive the help offered by the elemental dragons, and carry transcendent pink love in your aura my workshop is for you. If you would like to bathe in 9D Christ light, then meet and work with the 9D golden horned unicorns this seminar is a must. These dragons and the higher energies they connect us with, have only just become available to us. They will accelerate your ascension path and make your life easier and happier.

I look forward to meeting you at the London Wellbeing Festival, please put this date in your diary - Sunday, 27th May. 4.30 – 6.30pm - click here for more info on my workshop