Energy Healing the Star Magic Way By Jerry Sergeant

Miracles: An everyday occurrence

Eddie stared at his brother Andy’s body, lying on the sofa during the energy healing session with Jerry Sargeant. His sister in law was sat next to him and blown away at what she was witnessing. As smoke rose from his body she couldn’t believe her eyes, became overwhelmed with emotion and had to leave the room. Two weeks later at the hospital scan results showed that the tumour in Andy’s throat had vanished. He almost fell off his chair.

Electromagnetic Energy:

Energy flows through everything. Energy transforms from one form to another and it cannot be created or destroyed. Also, all cells within our bodies store and emit electricity in one form or another and electromagnetic processes are involved in all of our daily activities including breathing, eating, walking, and thinking. When you dive deep, past the physical appearance everything is electromagnetic.

Energy healing manipulates subtle energy systems referred to as auras, chakras, and nadis (to name but a few) to heal many diseases holistically. It also facilitates our natural healing processes so that we become healthier and more in tune with our higher self, an aspect of ourselves that every single one of us is able to communicate with. It takes practice and trust is integral. You may have heard of energy healing modalities such as aura and chakra balancing, crystal healing, sound healing, Shamanic healing, and quantum healing. Healing practitioners can also combine several modalities in an intuitive and creative way. Energy healing clears blockages in our energy fields, repairs them, and rebalances our energy so our bodies are more capable of healing themselves. In fact, we were designed to selfheal. We have just forgotten this and the majority of people rush to the doctors when there is a so called problem.

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances are stored in our energy matrix or energy field, within and around our bodies. Energy healing helps us clear blockages in our energy fields to assist us with identifying issues before they manifest as pain or suffering in our physical bodies. It opens up our awareness to identify what we need to process, and heals us so that our lives become more balanced, and our health and vitality are more likely to be optimised and maximised. We were created to truly live on this Earth Plane and experience passion, vitality and unconditional love. We were not created to suffer long term illnesses or injuries.

Star Magic Healing

Star Magic is a quantum leap in healing technology, and it has been shown to produce very effective healing results which clients describe as miraculous. Star Magic is infinitely flexible with infinite potential and works independently of stripping away belief systems and stored emotion, that no longer serve a person requiring healing.

Star Magic utilises pure cosmic energies and information from the stars. This energy is pure and unaffected by the beliefs and limitations set by our society. Healing is often swift and powerful. Star Magic codes of consciousness are living, evolving, multi-dimensional, and limitless in their scope and flexibility to facilitate healing of just about any disease that may manifest physically, emotionally or energetically. In a nutshell, Star Magic can edit and repair our divine holographic blueprint, just like in Andy’s situation and many more like him. Star Magic healing creates the perfect environment for us to regain balance and to facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms, creating an environment whereby we know our own power and live beyond a level of extraordinary.

Star Magic dives beyond the zero-point energy field and into an unexplored inverted field of infinite possibility, bringing to the surface the deepest and most ingrained blocks that are stopping you or anyone else moving forward in their lives. It is fast and efficient so no more waiting to feel better. Star Magic healing uses light and sound codes and multidimensional frequencies for self-transformation and well-being at all levels. Its magic in its simplicity and flexibility. Star Magic is intuitive and naturally flows without effort as it is very heart focussed. Love is the key. No thinking is required Star Magic harnesses Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies, setting it a part from any other healing modality on the Planet. Star Magic has bene described by clients who have experienced it as the Lamborghini of the healing world. The light is intelligent. It knows what to do. Once you can harness this light, miracles become a part of your daily life.

Star Magic Reborn:

Coming from a life of crime, mixing with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, to living life as a healer and helping human expand its levels of consciousness through love, Jerry understands transformation on all levels.

After a serious road traffic accident, a trip to space and time spent in Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, Jerry Sargeant completely transformed his ways and re-discovered this magical gift. These cosmic healing codes present on earth in ancient Egyptian times are now available to human-kind through Star Magic Healing. They are embedded within multi-dimensional packets of information, transmitted through from stars and through our cosmos as these intelligent light streams work seamlessly and effortlessly through what Jerry calls Star Magic.

There are many creative healing ways (techniques) in Star Magic including clearing pyramids, clearing bodily blockages, deep cellular healing, removing energy chords, shining pure divine light through holographic templates, shadow parasite removal, past life and ancestral cleansing through entangling parallel realities, and multiplier effects such as visualising many multi-dimensional healers, and fractalising many hands of healing light. An example of Star Magic healing technology is shown below. 

Miraculous Healing

Without doubt anything can be healed when your belief and trust become an unshakable knowing. This includes cancerous tumours, broken bones, cysts, fibromyalgia and other serious injuries and illnesses. All of which have been healed using Star Magic. It also improves your immune response, re-aligns and increases your self-healing and self-recovery response, and enhances self-regeneration potential. Jerry Sargeant has proven Star Magic to work in the fields of health and well-being, love and relationships, spiritual growth, and business development. That is how miracles happen.  

Take the case study of Mickey Bedi for example. She had been suffering from heavy bleeding for 15 days non-stop. She consulted her doctor and her ultrasound scan showed that she had fibroids and a tumour in her uterus. She discovered Star Magic when she searched for a psychic surgeon. On the testimonial on the Star Magic website she shows the ultrasound reports evidencing her illness and recovery. Her first ultrasound report of a scan done on 3/10/2015 shows that she had fibroids (3.3 and 2.9 cm), a tumour in her uterus, and endometrium thickness is 17 mm (the cause of her bleeding). Her bleeding stopped completely after three sessions of Jerry Sargeant’s Star Magic healing. Her second ultrasound report, of a scan done on 8/10/2015, shows that her fibroids and tumour have disappeared and her endometrium thickness has reduced from 17 to 11 mm. She was surprised that, after only three healing sessions, her bleeding had stopped entirely. She is now very happy and extremely grateful, and thanking Jerry she says his healing is a real miracle for her.

After the huge success in Birmingham (2015) and London’s (2016) MBS Festival, Jerry will be returning to the MBS Festival in Birmingham this November to run a two-hour healing and meditation workshop where you will get to experience the healing frequencies of Star Magic for your-self. This workshop will elevate your life in so many ways. This inspirational workshop is a must for everyone. Expect transformation.

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