Five Essential Daily Practices by Jay Shetty

As part of our new incentive to support new, young talent we are launching “Five Essential Daily Practices”. In this exercise, Mel has been are asking the “Bright Lights” to lay themselves bare and to share the practices that have supported them in their careers and personal lives. We hope that you enjoy these insights into other people’s successful practices and that they may assist you in building your own daily practice.

This week we are Featuring Jay Ghanasham Shetty: Award winning storyteller, filmmaker and former monk


Five Essential Daily Practices

1. Meditate

Meditation is like a gym for the mind. We use the mind everyday but rarely take time for it to refuel or re-energize. Just like our phones it needs recharging. Netflix marathons and nights out, although they may be fun are not a good substitute. Meditation keeps the mind alert and fit. Meditation is also like eating. The day you miss a meal is the day you realise just how important food is to our wellbeing and sanity at times. Meditation is similar. You only realise how powerful it is when you miss a day. Meditation improves my ability to make better decisions, put my ego aside in relationships and spot patterns around me.

2. Gratitude

I like to wake up and go to sleep grateful. Gratitude has an incredible ability to put things into perspective. Throughout the day I may react to something unnecessarily or over amplify something insignificant because of a lack of perspective. Gratitude allows you to value what you have and act from a position of strength.

3. Learning (Reading/Watching)

I spent my whole life (until 16) believing I hated reading because we were only given fiction books at school. At age 16 I was handed my first biography and I was captivated. I love reading about real stories of people, companies, ideas and science, human behaviour, history and the future. It helps create a powerful internal dialogue with my mind.

4. Giving/Compassion

I try to make sure that I am helping someone in my day. It allows me to remember how fortunate I am and also how much I have to improve on to really have an impact.

5. Conscious Connections

Spending time with people who are wise and operating on higher levels has to be a daily activity.