From Astrology to Zen. Wisdom tools on the path of self discovery by Deva Nirguna

From Astrology to Zen. Wisdom tools on the path of self discovery by Deva Nirguna 


We live in an extraordinary time of access to information and data and yet we have never seemed more unstable in our view of the world.  We have left behind a more rooted view of the world such as we had in indigenous cultures and we are now balanced on a rock in a fast-flowing river of change. Can we weave, given the access we have to so many roots of knowledge from these older cultures, a more stable web for ourselves, and through us for society in general? I have been fortunate to have spent most of my life gaining wisdom through experience in spiritual practice from many spiritual sources and I want to answer questions and give some confidence to co-create, maybe with the synthesis of techniques, a practice that helps you on the path of discovering who you really are. 


In the book of the secrets in that comes from India, Shiva talks on the 112 techniques of meditation that are available any one of which can be a vehicle for self-realisation. 

From the Taoist traditions, including Zen, we have the understanding that we are part of nature not separate that by tuning into our true nature we can gain the natural flow. With techniques such as tai chi, we slow into this flow. 

The ayahuasca shaman opens the doors of plant medicine and connectivity to the intelligence and natural healing of the spirit world through plants. 

In the world of yoga through Kundalini, breathwork, chakras we start to explore the mysteries of this Temple we call the body. 

We have been gazing at the stars for millennia, trying to give it sense and meaning 

Astrology deals with a harmonic view of us in relation to the bigger world, the solar system. 

“As Above, So Below”  

All of these techniques, tools and possibilities are rushing by us now at a frantic rate so how can we take time out of seemingly constant quest to make a living. 

 We have to schedule. You have to prioritise your Well Being; what can you do in your daily life, what is sustainable for you to keep balance and growth. 


In my creative and free form workshop, you will co-create, build and refine your spiritual practice through ceremony, questions and answers, active meditations and instructive storytelling. It is 50 years since I followed the Beatles to India. How do we "Turn off the Mind, Relax and Float Downstream", as the Beatles said, and what are the implications and pitfalls in such a profoundly deep view in these times of darkness and turbulence. 

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